Do You always Drive with Sunglasses?

Use them also at the wheel, the authors of an international study recommend. A Portuguese ophthalmologist explains why.

The glasses in your car may not be sufficient to protect you from prolonged exposure to UVA rays, which are known to be harmful to the health of your eyes. The conclusion, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Ophthalmology in the United States of America, results from an analysis of 29 automobiles of 15 different brands and in which only 14 percent of the models showed to offer a high protection to the UVA rays according to

On average, the windscreen glass analyzed showed good protection(96%), while the side windows generally have weaker protection(71% on average), increasing the risk of developing cataracts(an ocular pathology leading to To progressive loss of vision) especially in the left eye of the drivers.

For Luís Gouveia Andrade, an ophthalmologist at Cuf Infante Santo Hospital in Lisbon, it is increasingly important to use sunglasses as a form of protection against the effects of UVA rays. “Regardless of the protection afforded by the glass of the car, wearing sunglasses allows a more comfortable view, reduces the reflections from the outside, increasing the safety of driving and complements the effect of the windows of the car,” argues the expert.