Do You Wear Shoes Inside the House?

The practice is not at all new in countries of Eastern origin and increasingly finds supporters in the Western world.Taking off shoes to enter the house, according to the Japanese tradition, for example, avoids dirt from the street and bad energy entering the environment of the residence.

Science, for its part, has been justifying this custom. In fact, leaving the shoes on the outside (or reserved) of the house can prevent you from contacting about 421,000 different types of bacteria (?) Present in 96% of the soles of the shoes. Even though the shoe looks clean, it is far from that, the University of Arizona researchers say according to JustinShoes.

Among them, bacteria were found to cause pneumonia, infections in the urinary and respiratory tract.Oh, it’s worth mentioning that one of these bacteria is an old acquaintance from all over the world: E. Coli, a member of the bunch of food and human enemy germs found in public toilets and open cesspits, fecal coliforms.Enemies, because if ingested, they make that mess in our stomachs and intestines, and may even be lethal.

Still in the research, it was found that these bacteria can fix to their footwear for long distances and that the level of transfer of these microorganisms to the floor of the houses varies between 90-99% – quite effective, no?

The solution? Well, you can wash the soles of your shoes with regular soap regularly to drastically reduce the number of bacteria and clean the floor, carpets and carpets of your house with steam. A little painful, is not it? It seems that the simplest solution, and as effective as these, is still keeping the shoes away from home. You decide what to do.