Easy Tips to Take Care of Your Jewelry

Easy tips to take care of your jewelry, and te them beautiful sempreOlá friends, is there any woman who doesn’t like a jewel? The problem is we don’t always know how to take care of it as it is, so we seek these guidelines with the designer of jewelry Vincenzi. After all, they are older family jewels, and the more modern they deserve attention and special care at the time of conservation, since, much more than financial value, they bring with sentimental value and history.

However, not everyone knows how to keep precious metals and gems perfect, clean and well stored, which often ends up causing irreparable damage, loss of beauty and even of the jewelry altogether, whether by natural wear of the time or even by the use of ready-to-clean formulas.

Shower baths, sea or pool can also become real villains when the subject is conservation.

Thinking about it, we highlight 10 tips for those who wish to have impeccable jewelry. These guidelines help prevent stains, damage to gems and help in the correct maintenance of gold and silver, showing the correct way of cleaning and handling.

Small and simple care guarantees beautiful jewelry for a long time. Well-preserved pieces are passed from generation to generation, providing a unique history of love and family tradition, so it is important to keep rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets with all affection.

Avoid placing perfumes or creams with the jewelry in your body. The use of these beauty products on the part can cause irreversible damage to natural stones and/or pearls;

Avoid sleeping with your jewelry. During sleep, when we are unaware of movements, we can cause damage in metals and gems;

The handling of your jewelry must always be done in the delicate way possible to avoid scratches or breaks;

Try to keep your jewelry separately so that, in contact with each other, do not suffer any damage;

Avoid taking a shower, sea or swimming pool with your jewelry. Always try to remove it so that it does not break and to preserve the gold or rhodium bath given in the silver pieces;

In gold-plated parts there is a natural wear and to keep your jewelry always new, it is recommended to give new gold bath whenever necessary;

To clean your jewelry, simply use a clean, dry flannel that is sufficient to ensure its brightness;

Avoid abrasives or ready-to-clean formulas;

In the cases of pearls, they should preferably be stored in a flannel and a moisture-free place;

To avoid damage to some stones, try to handle your jewelry by the rim or the metal area.

Now it’s enjoying the weekend and giving a legal deal to your jewelry.

Kisses and until next!!!!


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