Eco Friendly Leggings Made To Last

Every time I’m more convinced that the quality of ecological fabrics is far superior to conventional tissues found in most of the shops.

We have three years of experience in our adventure of creating sustainable and ecological clothing and have Green garments in the collection since the beginning of Ecoology.

Wash it when I need neutral and sometimes organic soaps but I give a normal use, well, I would say that some articles use them a lot and today I can say that the hard organic clothing more and in a better State. One of those articles that use both and in many ways are the Ecoology organic cotton legging, that they are like a glove and are very comfortable.

High quality organic cotton legging. It is like a glove and is made to last.

The Roky leggings are organic cotton, designed and produced in small workshops in Barcelona, taking care of and taking care of every detail. This legging strategic cuts made to leg long and refined look, tissue is of high quality and not deformed, it recovers its shape and do bags. You can find it at

Remember to wash the organic clothing with neutral soaps and programs with cold water or 30 degrees so last you long time and keep the color.

Black organic cotton leggings pants. A basic in your wardrobe.

Daniela is Susana de tencel shirt 100%, available here. Tencel is a soft fabric such as silk, has side pockets and detail of the front triangle.The pants are organic cotton woven flat on the front and point at the rear for comfort. They feel like a glove, it seems a legging but you can take also with clothing shorter since they do not mark anything. You can find them here.

Organic cotton with strategic cuts Legging pants.

It is worth ‘investing’ in a Basic garment quality, is anallergic and breathable, and you know that it is going to last for a few years in perfect condition and that it also feels great and you can combine it in many ways.