Ecological Home Design

There is a place of calm amid the bustle of the Fuorisalone, where these days have found a home design objects and productions “responsible” for social and environmental well. Are the stars of “Goodesign-work well, better to dwell” (er, the slogan seems tailor-made for me and for people like me… working from home!), An event sponsored by Best up , the circuit for the promotion of housing sustainable, and Cascina Cuccagna, an old farmhouse of the seventeenth century in the heart of Milan in the past two years has been involved in a restoration and… participatory.

An emphasis on individual and collective well-being and ecological innovation is the aim of Goodesign. Four main areas, Green, Living, Mobility and Food, with the presence of over 50 sustainable companies and designers, ranging from social responsibility to innovation enterprise, from crafts to self-production; by eco-mobility to nature protection against decay;from food, transparent, seasonal and zero km, social and territorial cohesion.

Among the exhibitors, (Im) possible Living dealing with the issue of the abandonment of the buildings; Total Packaging presenting Vipot, totally natural line vessels and 100% biodegradable; System Bamboo realizing gazebos with towels worked with energy saving and no losses… and tools for the care of the green, sustainability meters for real-time feedback on the energy performance of buildings, furniture cardboard, eco-mortar and wooden eyewear, lamps and lighting objects for energy efficiency, stools and tables without glue or nails, cars and electric bikes … products and services, some already available, others only prototyped, environmentally-friendly and eco-friendly for living in the future home design at franciscogardening.

Where and when: until April 22, Cascina Cuccagna, via CUCCAGNA 2/4, Milan.