Ellis Faas – Milky Lips – “L201 Ellis Red”

About → my forum , I have come into the possession of the lipstick by Ellis Faas “Milky lips” in color “L201 Ellis red”. The part is special in my opinion. I know not many such lipsticks, especially as regards the shape and the color, therefore, there is a small review today.

The PIN is closed about 16 cm long (open approx. 14 cm with brush). To remove the top cover and it is a Pinselchen to the fore. He is of course white new – since the turning mechanism is then at the other end of the pen used. You must turn many times (really many!), until finally a bit of color comes out. But then it runs quite well. To completely paint the lips, you need approx. 10-15 spins, because very little comes out.

The color, which comes to the fore, is a powerful blood red. Nich too bright, not too dark, and just right for light skin (I can also no undertone clearly specify, the Red is somehow not even Orange tinge, but really bloody). The consistency is very glossy, but not sticky. That makes the color on your lips something sheerer of course, but still opaque. On the lips she feels pleasantly moist, but still left feeling a light lipstick.

Unfortunately, I got the problem that my lip Centre is quite moist, so the color, especially when it is somewhat thinner, not quite as good holds, therefore sees that from not quite so pretty – in real it but hardly noticeable, photos are always something merciless.

The job with the brush is super easy. He surrenders just right, not too much, well, to draw a precise line on the edge of the lip. Is somewhat impractical, the brush again taking off paint something, therefore you should always gently press the lips between drawing, so to distribute the color. In the end it works then but very good and after a couple of times with the brush you have the Rotary sure also out, where the small problem should be solved then.

After applying you should dry the color a bit, which makes it even more durable – will change the texture from moist to creamy, but not too creamy. Hard to describe… The final result is then also opaque than in the damp, freshly applied state.
The durability is so far very good, not very well can withstand but unfortunately food and beverages.

Cost: €25 for 2.8 ml

Can buy you Ellis red eg here online:
• Niche beauty
• Ellis Faas Online Shop
Here is their a list of stores where you can buy her Ellis faas →.