Encourage Your Child with Sustainable Toys

What about stimulating the creativity and environmental awareness of your children by providing them with sustainable toys? In addition to having fun while they learn, they become aware of how important it is to preserve the environment. Some stores have specialized in this field and offer a plethora of educational and ecologically correct toys.

Eco-friendly dollhouses for girls, for example, come with solar panels on the ceiling, furniture made from recycled materials, and some models still have room for a small vegetable garden. The traditional trolleys and trucks, which boys like so much, are made of reforestation wood, with certificate of origin. These little details stimulate children to have more sustainable attitudes since they were young.

Several toys that develop logical reasoning are also gaining more ecological versions. Some games like the old Pallina or the traditional Tangrans and the mosaic jigsaw, already have models made of bamboo and recycled cardboard.

The rhythm can also be worked with musical instruments produced with recycled wood such as whistles and rattles. You can still stimulate your child’s creativity by opting for unfinished models. So they can customize the toy itself by decorating it in the way they think best. The tip is to use wax chalk in tablets, produced with beeswax or soy-based paints.

The shared use of sustainable toys can also be a way of contributing to the environment, avoiding excessive disposal of materials. This is the proposal of some websites that rent sustainable toys. This allows the child to always play with different products and learn to keep them responsibly, so that other children can enjoy them later.

You can also encourage reuse by encouraging your child to donate toys that he no longer uses, but are still in good condition and thus having a good, sustainable attitude.

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