Facebook Allows “Custom” Choice of Gender Profile

The Facebook today released a very cool feature in the profiles that are in English: customizing genre. That is, it is not mandatory to fill “male” or “female”: you can choose a third party, if it its genre.

The initiative is the FB diversity program, which claims to have worked on it along with a number of LGBT groups to define new genres listed according to the most common terms.

The list is extensive and includes a number of variations: some examples are “androgyne”, “androgynous”, “trans”, “male trans”, “trans female”, “trans person”, “trans woman”, “trans man” “male to female”, “MTF”, “female to male”, “FTM,” “cis” “cisgender”, “cisgender female”, “cisgender male” and so on. That is hardly your gender, whatever he is, will be missing.

Remembering: This feature is only available in the profiles that are in English, so the examples are in that language.

It also gives to choose the pronoun to which the social network will refer you to the profiles of your friends: female, male or neutral. You can also choose who you want to share it, as is normally done in the publications of the site, ensuring the privacy of users.

In comments published announcing the news, it is clear that she was welcome, but there are still things to do, which is cited, for example, that the same change should be possible in the fields “interested in” and to define the genre relatives – a user regrets that after the choice of a child by a neutral pronoun, it is still mandatory to use “son” or “daughter” on the form.

Maybe it’s just a matter of time until these other points are fixed. In any case, point to Facebook to be in favor of gender equality, whether they are.