Facebook Exceeds the 100 Million Mark for Users of Its Basic App

In 2011, Facebook bought Snaptu, an Israeli app that connected feature phones to various social networks. Thus arose the “Facebook for Every Phone” which is not a very original name, it is true, but has just reached the incredible number of 100 million users per month.
The app runs in the simplest cell and uses similar technology with the Opera Mini, another great friend of feature phones: the data are compressed and processed on servers. Thus, the cell does not need many resources to do the job and EDGE network (2G) does the job, unlike other heavier Java applications.

There are more than 3000 different models of supported phones. With the application, you can use features like post photos, send messages and access the newsfeed, and allows search of friends who are already on the social network and create new accounts by direct application.

Most access for these devices occur in developing countries like India, Indonesia and the Philippines, according to Facebook. But I’ve seen a lot of people using the app simple phones like the Nokia S40 – and I myself have used it when it was still Snaptu, a Nokia 5200.

This mark shows that there is still a great opportunity for manufacturers to bet on feature phones and smartphones input, as well as for operators offering 2G and 3G services to users who want a faster speed to enjoy ~ that picture.