Facebook Launches Free Mobile Site; Partnership with TIM

The Facebook aired today a special version of its site aimed at mobile devices. So far, nothing new, since most social networks already have Web sites designed specifically for mobile phones. Different Facebook 0 is that access to your content will not cost anything to the user. Rien, niente, nichts, nothing.

As you can not have it all, the Facebook 0 will not display images, which would certainly account for a good portion of website traffic. Still, the user will be able to publish updates on the social network, keep an eye on what friends are doing and exchange private messages with other users.

More than 50 carriers closed partnership with Facebook to offer free access to the interface 0 (practically an interface diet site). No American has adhered to the idea, but in Brazil TIM agreed to join the project. Is the only one.

Claro signed with Facebook in other Latin American countries (El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua). Who knows not release the FB 0 in Brazil too?

Upgrade to 20h40 |. We tested the Facebook 0 in TIM’s network As you can see in this post, access prepaid lines remains charged. Ironically, post-paid customers can now access the Facebook service for free.