Facebook Will Venture in the Field of Voice Recognition

The Facebook wants to hear users literally: he bought the Mobile Technologies, a company that is on the market since 2001 and owns the Jibbigo, an application that translates your speech into several other languages, even offline. Thus, the social network moves in another area of technology: speech recognition.

Speech recognition technologies are gaining prominence in between tech companies. Thinking quickly, just this year we have seen the new Kinect, the Moto X, which was thought to be used without hands, and Chrome, which allows the use of voice across multiple platforms. Facebook does not want to be out of the game and the acquisition of a company with such know-how shows that he intends to be a major voice communications platform.

With the official purchase, Tom Stocky, Facebook product manager, wrote about it on your wall. Besides praising the new acquisition, Stocky commented on the possibilities it brings to the use of voice navigation on the web and on portable devices. The text, such as the announced release, also states that Facebook’s mission is to “make more open and connected world”, providing the perfect platform for the Mobile Technologies of the technology to be applied globally.

The were not disclosed values ​​and how many members of the Mobile Technologies team will move to the Facebook building in Menlo Park, California. However, according to CNET, the Jibbigo app will continue to exist without being integrated into the social network application – that is, for now, he continues as another famous app bought by Facebook, Instagram.