Facial Cleansing Lush

Today I’ll talk about the facial cleansing of Lush I’ve tried. I must say that I like the four.

Sea Water

It is a very dense paste of pink and carries green algae into pieces covering the pink part.
It is a deep cleaner with gentle Exfoliating effect.
The skin of the face wet a little bit. You put a cleaning paste ball in the fingertip and apply gently by circles. You rinse with water. When removing the skin product is very gentle Exfoliating effect and very clean.
Dark Angels

It is a powder compacted semi of a deep black color.
It’s a powerful Exfoliator and Purifier of the skin of the face.
The skin of the face and the hands wet a little bit. Put a lump of exfoliating paste on the Palm of the hand and with a water droplet do it less dense. With the fingertips and apply gently by circles. It lightens with plenty of water. When removing the skin product is very gentle Exfoliating effect and clean of imperfections. It has an astringent effect.

Sweet Japanese Girl

It is a tablet form of baby face.
They scrub the tablet in your hands, to undo it with our heat. Then, already with product impregnated in our hands, we make a soft massage face with circular movements. It must remove with cotton and warm water or tonic. It has small solid particles that make a very soft face scrub. This cleaner is ideal for the most sensitive skins. It leaves the skin soft, clean and hydrated.

Ultra Soft

It is a cleansing cream for daily use. As its name indicates, ultra soft.
Take a small amount of cream between the palms of your hands, rub them between them and gently stretches over your face in a circular motion. It is removed with water and a cotton.
It’s a very respectful and very mild cleansing cream with skin, but action deep. Ideal for sensitive skin.