Fall 2013 Fashion Trends Pants

Boyish, seventies, high waist, leg of eph spirit’… Not easy to find in the countless pants that punctuate our winter season. But thankfully, Cosmo is here to guide you in your shopping and find the rare Pearl of your wardrobe to radiate to the back.

We grant you, back to school is never very satisfying. But fortunately, the mode is! And there is no better to cheer you up!

  • This winter’s pants that will get the credit. And we wear:

-Boyish and androgynous style in order to be at the pinnacle of our femininity with masculine!

So choose Tuxedo pants with straight and short cuts.

New? The “zone” cut: wide level hips and Alexander at the ankles to be worthy of the perfect “Modern times” Charlo.

Our flagship model: the “carrot pants” (joint between the harem pants and the jodhpur) who was very trend this summer and it will be apparent in darker colours (grey and black) to give a look tomboy as Ba & sh to which we will add a smoking jacket but choose short for do not make too PREPPY.

The +: the simplicity of Cup that fits all our outfits.

Accessories level: we keep the thin belt in our locker room and we’re back to the taste of the daythe straps at fairies of Bengal.

-style “seventies revival”. Yes, this winter, it’s the return of the Bell Bottoms pants ‘. Size high and curved, it extends to the level of our calves for us refine our figure and bring us an unsuspected elegance at Gérard Darel.

The +: worn with printed tartan or plaid for the 2011 touch. The “tone” is to be banned!

-Style oversize. The XXL trend is back this year. And adapts to all types of pants. Whether on a high-rise at Paul & Joe pants or suit pants at Heimstone.

The +: ultra-convenience oversize will make us love winter!

Accessories level: in heels is to bring a feminine touch or we keep our derbies for the more androgynous style, including a tuxedo.

-Neo-bourgeois style. The pants size high straight cut back but… tie-front. Yes, the nodes will be “key in addition to adopt” on a high waist at Stella Forest or even Cop-girlfriend.

The +: it will bring a chic look to your silhouette.

Accessories level: the heels are mandatory!

-Bohemian chic style. And for the occasion out our summer’s chino pants (worn by soldiers during the second world war). You know, chino, this curved pants we roll up and down to give a casual look at Preview.

The +: it fits all styles whether flat or on platform.

Accessories level: we forget the thin belt!

  • And then, every winter is the same, there are trends which we can’t split:

-Harem pants which fits perfectly in the oversize style. But him, it will be rather at the end of the trend so we leave it to the more adventurous fashionistas.

-Leather pants. A timeless. It goes with everything, and we bring that touch of sexiness, whenever it shows.

– The slim. When we did meet her, you can’t obviously be separated. But this year, we the chosen exclusively colored (red and blue) and with a ‘coated effect’.

-3/4 pants. Because it still leaves us a little summer in winter by unveiling our ankles. But in 2011, adopted version rock’roll with zips, reinforcement at the knees… and Red! Kate Mossproved us that in the new Mangocampaign, it works!

  • Level colors:

-The color-block has not said its last word but takes a little more elegance to become color-chic.

Program? More fall bright colors such as red, mustard yellow (the color must-have winter 2013)and blue for what is in the top three.

-the black and grey are resistant.

-Brown leaves room for the bordeaux for those who would still be too resistant to color-chic.

  • Print, the two major trends will be:

-Tiles back in force in small and large formats.

-Pea to play the very fifties in black and white…

  • Materials:

Velvet will be THE material of winter 2013, wool comes back on the pants high waist and leg of eph’, suede, shiny Matt fabric, cotton eternity…

So, ready to invest in your pants back?

You can find the selection of tuxedo pants, harem pants, bell bottoms, chinos, etc for the fall/winter 2013 at Fanciestpants.