Fashion Jewelry – Easy with Nail Polish

You know this certainly also – here times a new bracelet bought, there a few earrings ordered … really nice parts. But at home the old jewelery of the shopping tours of past years pile up. The one or the other piece just does not like it anymore after a while, some jewelery has started and is no longer beautiful. Making the jeweler is quite expensive – but it does not have to be. Here I will tell you how to make your fashion jewelry and create the “cupboards” great, individual pieces!

Nail polish makes it possible

All you need is old jewelry as well as nail polish of your choice. But please do not use an unloved nail polish, only the colors you really like, as the result will not get any better than what was in your closet. Many things are conceivable for jewelery . But beware, chaining does not work well due to the small limbs. Here better only the followers prepare. In addition you should consider before, where you want to leave the jewelry to dry.It’s best to hang him up somewhere.In addition, you should put some newspaper, so that nothing comes into contact with the nail polish.Painting is easy.Make sure you work quickly – as with nail polish – so that no ugly streaks are created.The best way to paint half of the piece of jewelry is to dry the varnish.Then you can touch the part on the painted, dry side and paint the rest.Let it dry again.This was jewelry shopping at home!

By the way, you can seal new fashion jewelry by painting it with transparent nail polish.He will remain beautiful longer.