Fashion Swimwear in Other Reading

The swimwear changed status! It was then that the Bikini or bathing suit (which is now the ‘ body ‘) were just parts to go to the beach, ledo mistake. …


This piece is the flagship for the day and the night. If you go to the beach, resort or pool you will pan out. If you want to dare the night, use without fear with pants or a skirt so short, not too sure if not cheapens the piece, and end up sinning in visual, or long you will pan out.

Now the pieces can be used straight from the beach to go at lunch, is on the rise in “beach clubs” and even in baladase parties at night. Including the beach exits have lost the place for dresses, long or short and little monkeys, with the same pattern that the Bikini, which is a luxury, to give a glamour and a up grade, since in our state it is summer all year long!

The super in print, Bikini design into strips, giving charm and femininity on the woman of today, and at the end of the day you’re ready to enjoy an invitation to lunch or a ballad, and the look and the best, making nice.

Here to stay was the pattern of ‘ animal print “, this set of dress with mixture of prints and bikini halters with two views in zebra is my favorite, simply in love with him, ~ es don’t you think?

Now you can use and abuse in outfits, because there’s no error, just choose which one fits with your style, and always remember the motto “less is more”!!!

Pictures of brand Vix Paula Hermanny, Praia do canto.

See you tomorrow with more news! Kisses!!!