Fashionable Short Dresses

Fashion short dresses. It is an interesting collection of trendy models and styles which are in line with the summer season and fall very well on any occasion. With these dresses you can attend a cocktail of day or an evening gala. This year the fashion short dresses will be at its peak since love many of us use the short dresses for comfort, for the sexy that we and why we can look our charms.
Short dresses are fashionable colours and jovial models glued and loose with finishes, stunning, draped, smooth some with application of precious stones and sequins.

We know that there are dresses for every occasion from basic to be used in everyday life until the summer; There are romantic for that special occasion or for a night of partying, the more formal as for social events or to go to the office.

Let’s start by saying that the classic, that will always be in fashion and therefore can not miss in your closet is a short black-and-white dress. It is essential that it is adjusted to the body, i.e., not very big nor very stuck; We recommend using the traditional, that is manga pilfer or a little below the shoulder, neck tray and without details or pockets, and this why? because the beauty of the garment can make you playing with accessories; in case such that may need it to use both on the day and at night, the trick is, knowing how to play with the elements.


If you feel more comfortable with a short dress and don’t know that you model used, because we have the solution, these short dresses are superstylish that have nothing to envy to the long evening dresses, a good short dress is very sexy and you can put Accessories that combine with the dress, you will be spectacular.

  1. dress asymmetrical neckline white, model attached to the body with inlay of precious stones.


  1. dress beige eyelet cleavage,beautiful model with sequin appliqués.The model attached to the body. 3. tulle dress is silk color Aubergine with fine embroidered strips. He wears embroidered sash, loose model.


  1. strapless white sweetheart.Bring turquoise brooch with sash and skirt with flight.5. Dress Red strips coming from the neckline, dress has sequins colors red, white and black.


Animal print prints short fashion dresses are super gaudy and sexi, much more if it’s a short dress. Insurance shall steal many looks! An advantage that has this style is that you can choose between various versions: the Leopard print, Zebra, Tiger, etc.

The short dresses printed flowered never become fashionable, so if you get this pattern design it is very possible to serve you for many years. It is considered that data if you do not want to spend too much money. Another point in favor of dresses printed with flowers is that they are very cheerful and colorful.


If you are looking for a young, cheerful look and, above all, do not pass unnoticed at night, use abstract models. It’s those patterns that do not respect form or any design; can be a spot of colors, lines and strokes… whatever you imagine! In these pictures you can give you an idea of the versatility of thefashionable short dresses abstract prints.