Fashion:Skirt + Shirt

Hi, girls!

January is always that time of looks more relaxed, full of color and light fabrics, huh? Whether at work, at parties or on the beach, we need to be well dressed and comfortable at the same time to support the hot days. Dresses are always a great option, but I confess that I love the combo of Skirt + shirt. So I went there on store Zeus, in Taquari, and made my choices. Hope you like it!

The first look is just like summer, with a patterned skirt and blouse lisa. The good of these colored prints is that you can put the beautiful blouse with whatever color is in print and thus modifies entirely the man’s look. Coloured Regatinhas are great for summer. Accessories used bracelets and earrings of the same color of the regatta, leaving the spotlight to the skirt. The bracelets are not set, are used in the same individual several arm. Have many options there at Charm Jewelry.

The second look is a denim skirt with regatinha Orange also. I confess I’m not too fond of those skirts jeans well short, I prefer the longer and discreet. I’m tall and not just anyone is good in me. But that I loved because it values the silhouette without vulgarity. The regatinhas are great and we use it all up! This Orange, for example, I could have also used with the skirt look up. This shows the versatility of the piece.

In Accessories, a ring and Earring set is a knockout! I’m in love! They are stylish, this color goes with everything and is well both in everyday life, as in more formal occasions. Not to mention that gold fringe is a hit.

If you live in Taquari, gives a passadinha there on Store Zeus and also in the Charm Shop and check out. There’s so much linda!

I hope you enjoyed, gurias!