Fine Fragrance Trends 2016

Which dictate the trend fragrances at this time? And next summer? Discover the latest trends in terms of perfumes.

  • What kind of perfume is in fashion right now? There is a great return to the perfumes from the rich and round bouquet. The great classics of the 80’s are revisited with less strong note, but still sensual and present. Stand out flowery and oriental agreements, those with citrus notes that starting later evolve into the bouquet white flowers, with jasmine Sambac in pole position.
  • What are the perfumes suitable to be worn all days? The most easy to wear are the fruity bouquet, often mixed with tasty notes of praline chocolate, vanilla and panna cotta. Finally, timeless, the scents from gourmand taste, mixed with spatial notes and often with hints of aromas of champagne, suede and cotton skin that give a feeling of fresh and “clean”.
  • Which fragrance will make us turn heads this summer? The experts and creators of fragrance (which is defined by digopaul) have no doubt that the winning bouquet for spring / summer 2013 collection focuses on floral and fruity notes, on fresh and green scents to give energy and lightness and the texture light and transparent. Even the concept of the classic “olfactory pyramid” composed of top notes (specifically the ones that you can taste immediately after vaporized scent), heart (the real soul of the jus) and background change.Perfumes are born where the notes are not divided so categorically, but emerge in the bouquet together to give even the most classical schemes contemporary imprint.

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