First Day of School Makeup Tips

Simple and natural: these are the characteristics for the perfect make-up to show off the first day of school.

The beginning of school is getting closer, and for veterans who that new freshmen. From high school to university this is a very important day in which you want to look your best.

After choosing clothing that make-up is very difficult, I think you need to avoid too heavy tricks, the ideal is a natural make-up or make-up that focuses on the lips or eyes. Crucially makeup should be simple to accomplish because usually we have little time to prepare.

How to make up your face:

To realize the makeup trick for the first day of school we need to create a basis to mitigate imperfections. I recommend, if you are still tanned using a BB Cream though I imagine that, given the young age, your skin does not need them. The BB Cream unlike a foundation allows the skin to breathe and create a much more natural base. To cover some pimple and reddened areas apply a concealer, but attention to the chosen hue.
Another solution is bronzer, it is a “powder” very often with multiple colors in warm tones that create shimmer effects on tanned skin. An excellent solution for oily skin. A basic facial ends with a blush, a must to enhance the cheekbones.

How make up the eyes:

For the eyes you can choose to apply eye shadow bare and bright colors more vivid or more intense colors such as pink. It all depends on your personality although I recommend it for the first day of school naturalness as possible. Avoid smokey eye blacks or purple.

The eyes, however, can be rigged outlining the eyelid with a morning or an eye-liner, with black or colored classic to light up.

How make up the lips:

For smaller recommend a slightly tinted lip balm, a lip gloss or a tinted moisturizer for the lips and the long term. While the larger college will also be granted nude lipsticks or the brighter shades like fuchsia or red. In recent cases, however, I recommend to bet all the makeup on the lips and not burden your eyes with eye shadows and pencils, but apply only the mascara for a very elegant effect.