Fishing for Wild Trout and Rainbow Trout in the Black Forest

Trout prowl round two

After the great fishing days in the last week, I was still hot on more exciting Forellendrills. Because Felix wanted back on the water and I could leave bad alone, the thick Trutten catch him, I took me spontaneously half a day off. Therefore, nothing in the way was a great day of fishing. Conditions were ideal this time, easy to blighted and increased water, let us also hope that the large rather shy trout, which are hardly to outwit in clear water, would bite. Already in the first place, a great trout grabbed my lure, that starts really well we thought.

But on the other places it ran initially so bad that Felix was even afraid that he would tailor any. But then came the bites, so that even Felix could soon land a fish. The first really good the day banged but then with me on the Magic Swimmer, as Felix was busy just to assemble and eat just a bun.

So passed the hours at the Creek again too quickly. At lunch time we went for us in the waders to the kebab shop, where we were laughed at for a little. Again it went on the water. Felix also got a good bite by one after a risky throw very lure trout. The drill lies on a big hope, but unfortunately your combat strength in comparison was yet remarkable for their size, no matter anyway a beautiful fish.

Water was getting higher and Tana, in the course of the day because let her midday sun here in the Black Forest high melt the remaining snow and into the streams this fully ran. Perhaps this was the reason why persuade settled large brown trout to a bite.

Then, after a throw with the flow banged at the slow a crank on a wall along again a fish on the Rita magic swimmer. First of all, every trout angler should have this lure in his pocket. This part within 10 days of fishing so convinced me that I have a few other bait more fish, bite it significantly more large trout and the number does not suffer still. Here at toolkitforfishing you can get more different models of the fishing fashion. There is also the advantage that you can fish it in really all situations with or against the flow. Already the pressure for the first time, had no doubts, that must be a big trout. After a few seconds, a large rainbow trout was then for the first time to the surface! Felix and I could not believe it, what a hammer fish. After the beauty drill a short, fierce against the flow, in which I made also a lot of pressure, because I just didn’t want to lose the fish, was then in the net and we had time to breath. A true black forest salmon! The probably the most beautiful rainbow trout that I have ever seen and caught.WOW!

Shocked and full of adrenaline it went up the Creek then continues. At the last spot of the day, Felix could catch then again a beautiful Brook trout from a small military build-up.

Better can hardly start the season. Soon we go then with the fly. There was also already the first attempts this week, but there only small trout could be outsmarted.

Greeting and Petri

If you want to fish together with Nico at the Creek, then guides it you gladly. Your here find all the information about the guiding.

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