Fishing with Good Rod

Fishing with a poorly filled reel or a tired line is a rookie mistake. To control emergency!

Check the wire goes through two stages: (wear, twist, strength) quality control, then the good filling of the coil.

First check the aspect (bleached, shoddy, braid nylon scratchy, rough, too twisted, etc.). Questionable parts are deleted.

Then we test the strength (resistance to traction and the crux). If the line seems fragile, eliminate a few meters away and start over. If there is not improvement, better is worth to change everything.

A nylon twisted but in good condition can be dévrillé by leaving from then hanging around 5-10 minutes behind a moving boat for sea fishing lured by ANDREWFISHING.

Filling of a reel requires some precautions. The braid must not be knotted directly onto the spool, to do a one meter nylon leader, to which the braid is connected. We then churns in now a constant tension on the line.

Do not leave the parent reel flat when filling, under penalty of twisting, rotate on an axis.
The coil of a fixed drum must be filled almost to the brim (nylon), a millimeter or two of less with of the braid. A casting reel should never be filled to the brim.

If the parent reel is not enough to fill the reel, perfect filling with an old nylon knotted again, then all take place outdoors, attach the old thread first, and rewind all. The reel will be ideally filled.
This method also allows to catch up the fill level following the loss of a part of the main thread.