Fishing with the Bibi Fleet Fleet in Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico


Last July I was on vacation with my family in the beautiful port of Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico and had the opportunity to remember old times, when I left for the first you see a deep-sea fishing with my grandfather and my father that God is in his glory, date was the summer of 1974, the BIBI Fleet fleet service provider Our site on that occasion were 6 captured candles which were released 3 more a Black Marlin that my father fought for 4 hours but it was evening and the long return so short the piola.

My grandfather, a server was 6 years old and my father.

New account returned to Mazatlan the summer of 77 there was my second fishing trip with the BIBI fleet, the quiet morning we get a couple of golds more two kegs, saw a bollado blue marlin that didn’t chop more candle failed attack and returned to port.

Back to port after a good fishing.

The fleet BIBI Fleet began in 1946 after the second war world was the first company of sport fishing in Mazatlan, founded by Mr Ernesto Coppel, since this destination along with Peru were the main points of attraction for Blue Marlin, Black Marlin and sailfish fishing at that time, which is why there was a strong demand for a chartera of sport fishing that offered excellent service the national fishermen and foreign that continues till today.

The reunion:

After 36 years of my last exit with this organization, I got in touch with Tadeo Hernández Kelly representative to schedule an exit to fish the Moon unfortunately was not helping anything but that wasn’t inconvenient, we set the day and the hour, as part of their service transportation was raise to my hotel to pick me up.

The clock struck 6 in the morning when ringing in my room couple let me know that I was expected to take me to the sea-coast Mazatlan.

The office of BIBI Fleet fleet is located in the marina del sol local number 8, there are greet Tadeo which talk awhile as they ready the boat, I could not deny me to a rich coffee freshly echo to start the day on the right foot.

The boat:

Walk in the company of Tadeo up to the pier where expected me a super panga of 26 feet in length center console with its Top T, equipped with outriggers, porta Cañas, a nursery for live bait, two coolers, Gps, sonar, a 150 HP Yamaha engine Our site of 4 times and all the security measures required by port authority.

There was the captain, we propose a strategy for the day, we would first seek the Golden in the buns that are scattered throughout the sector, these artifacts consist of a couple of water bottles of I talk tied to a palm leaf or a tree that function as shadow which in its ves ataren main bait mind cooks as I know them , but in Mazatlan tell them green chilies (Green Jack) and where there is bait there are predators, then trolearíamos in search of weevils.


With everything ready to address the super panga and we take the output of the marina channel, passing through marina del Cid, here is very good fishing for sea bass in the schedule night when it there is no traffic of boats but that’s another story which I then talk them.

The sea was like a plate of completely calm, setting course for the Gps to a bolla 12 miles away, when we arrived the first thing was to get live bait for the nursery, the captain prepared a cane with a sabiky rig this arrangement consists of 6 to 8 small hooks with a small feather imitating a tiny fish or shrimp.

While preparing my team a rod Shimano Trevala of 6′ 6 length coupled with a reel Okuma Cortez CZ-10CS courtesy of my friends at Our site loaded with 400 yards of line Power Pro 50 pounds with a shot of 50-pound monofilament top most leader of 80 pounds of flurocarbono. ”

With two downs from the sabiky, 5 chefs or green chilies swam in the nursery but on the third attempt the rig was wildly booted, I could see a yellow tail of a good Golden that he retired, had taken one of chefs trapped, I immediately put a Buck tail Jig Banjo 1 ounce mark Williamson, drop it not step lot when a loud bang and a small run then missed , we gave bar turns to this bolla with live bait and feathers without luck thing more exasperating was to see the golds that still lures but not concretized their attacks.

Unanimous decision we prefer to seek luck on another site, we headed South heading to in search of a new marble bolla, it took a few minutes for when we find it, here jump a huge Dorado that surprised us, again the captain put a cane with a green chile on nose and personally try a lure brand DUO Tide Minnow advance line Slim 175 Flyer.

But the gold or in account as well they passed the early hours of the morning till 9:30 when we decided to trolear in a pattern more open of the bolla with a live bait and a dead clerk also known as pajarito or Ballyhoo brand Lazer Sharp hooks live Bait by Eagle Claw Our site do not fail I recommend it highly, shank with the clerk was in one of the rod on the left side of the boat with the line on the spinnaker corresponding to that side, suddenly the line was detached from the spinnaker pole, reel starts, immediately step my cane with the live bait at Captain and taking the second two very good runs and the animal begins to assign without much urgency approach it to the side of the boat, the captain gave a certain hit with the hook the first gold of the morning.

I get the time to make decisions, continue to seek the Golden or placing the four lines in the water and trolear in search of the weevils. I decided to walk around more with the live bait to then get to trolear with scribes and mechudos, on the nose with a hook circular brand Lazer Sharp water salda went to water cook or green chile more large that he was still alive.

This was a very good choice because only had spent some minutes when my bait started to act strange gave line so the gold could eat with more easily wait a few seconds to upload tip Dela cane, there is the Cortez began to chillar’s cute, three spectacular jumping us reveal an offering good sized male the captain estimated her weight of 15 to 20 kilos, run after run, fence that was enjoying much this fight, little by little the animal was bowing under the pressure of 20 pounds of drag applied by Cortez, Captain prepare with the hook that was missing only scant meters to have remote, but fishing is not an exact science gave the animal a last he nodded and you could release retrieve all my arrangement including the hook.

A little annoyed by not being able to land this beautiful specimen, I preferred to celebrate the fact that would be available to fight another day, of course I had to take a cold as a toast by the incident.

Take the helm of the boat as the captain prepares four lines , lures in the beam more two baits scribe or pajarito, adjust the speed of the boat and struck a course to find weevils.

Step one hour if results only saw a fish candle abollado but declined the bait, the radio they reported other boats had seen weevils only two reported catches of fish candle.

A loggerhead sea turtle was bollada close to our course by which try to take some photographs, that conservation efforts are paying off, but we can not download’m me glad the guard please do not consume turtle eggs marine is a vile lie that have aphrodisiac powers.

The return:

Time we just and we headed to the Navy but missing about two miles to locate a bolla with some movement only went down a line to with a scribe, I just touch the water and was attacked by Browning the second day the hard fight very little per or very funny.

Back in the Navy, Tadeo was waiting for us, was a good day of fishing when considering the effect of the full moon, my pair of golds were re-tooled 4 longas bagged and hi to the perfection. e the even carrying them I.

The reported two sails were hung one of them very good sized personally prefer C & R but there are times when the animal is hook from the crop and their chance at life is almost non-existent in these case doesn’t make sense release them is preferable to take advantage of it.

I would like to thank Thaddeus attentions very thin as well as the BIBI fleet Fleet Our site for bring me memories that I cherish with love, gentlemen do not fail you with this Organization 60 years of experience backing them, intentional due to lack of time I could not go with them fishing mangroves hope next mind to bring you this story.

In the kitchen:

They want to know how they ended those golden fillets, here are the recipes:

Dorado Ceviche.

Fillet of Golden finely sliced and chopped medium onion chopped very fine, a stalk of celery finely chopped, half finely chopped, chilaca chile a huaje chopped into cubes, tomato finely chopped cilantro, sour lemon needed, generous good quality olive oil, juice half lima the rest cut into slices for garnish, salt sea and pepper to taste.

Preparation. In a bowl place the already chopped fish and chopped vegetable mix well then pour the juice of the lemons most olive oil replace mesclar, season with salt and pepper to taste place the juice of half lime and garnish, tape the container and place it in the refrigerator or cooler for 2 to 4 hours, remove and serve with toast , cracker, plus a cold beer.

Cubes grilled Dorado.

Fillet of Golden sliced into cubes, olive oil of good quality, from 4 to 6 teeth garlic finely chopped, seasoning herbs, sea salt and pepper ground coarse to taste, sliced lemon for garnish.

Preparation. In a pan add olive oil to hot well, add the chopped garlic, already fish into cubes seasoned with salt and pepper more touch of herbs to then place in pan until this point, put the lemons into halves or slices around Central magnificent of the serving dish , accompany with a garnish of vegetables steamed or with butter, white wine or rosé well cold.

It is noteworthy that a server and my family enjoyed these preparations.

I say goodbye with a cordial greeting from all my readers and good luck on your next fishing trip.

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