Fitting Workshop: Access to the Breast

By meeting these moms to the LLL Congress, we got, between a thousand and one other things, talking rags. And to demonstrate access to clever breast offer the brands we have selected in the shop. Since we are only girls, sometimes, we wanted to introduce them more closely in a small workshop of fitting. We are dedicated to answering questions you may have about the specificity of our breastfeeding clothes: openings to access discreetly breast. Breastfeed in beauty, everywhere and at any time!

Access by the neckline wrap-over, with a large amount of fabric to pucker or to tighten at will, to find out what you want. This effect also extends into the bottom of the garment, you can wear according to your mood as a top, a tunic or even a little dress.

Who? This top goes to all but it will be highlighted by a bigger chest.

«I’m naked under my sweater…» »

A sweater of breastfeeding incognito and access to practical breast: we unbutton a few buttons or whole row, according to our morphology, is the lining, and that’s all! You can also play the asymmetrical look by leaving a few open buttons. Warm thanks to its mixture 50/50 wool and viscose, very soft on the skin naked and long enough to cover at any time the lower back and belly.
Who? For all! Each will create the necessary opening to access the breast under the buttonhole.

The crush of Virginia “it goes with everything, a dream to wear long, during lactation and after!

Because we don’t back down from anything, we spent it in the test of washing: in the picture, a new handle and a sleeve washed three times (upside down, wool, to cold, dry flat program).

FROY & DIND Emilia
Hidden heart for a top access to the simple look in appearance and very nice door. This model is less discreet, but ideal for promote the contact with the skin of MOM. Cup is also very practice to shoot her milk, here with a bustier Pump Ease slipped under the top in 30 seconds flat.
Who? This nice cleavage will particularly suit the generous breasts and viscose of bamboo will seduce lovers of sweetness. Cup, the top isn’t very (too) long, it should be more to small

This very stylish model offers access to breast under a large side pan. This draped pan creates a pretty asymmetry that some will find embarrassing to breastfeed, while others will use it a little bit like a shawl for still more discrete feeding.
Who? For all of the breasts, including the most generous, and all the silhouettes. The draped fabric is ideal for hide elegantly small bulges clinging after the birth.
The favorite of Katrien: “It camouflaged well my tummy and allows easy access to the breast.”

MOTHERS in VOGUE Britney Bubble
This top is among those who deserve a little explanation. To access the breast, we pass under a central pan, to achieve an opening in the middle is moved up to the breast.
Fabric goes back some when you can access the opening, according to the silhouettes, the maneuver is more or less “dangerous” but you get used very quickly.
Who? This model offers a comfortable amount of tissue but is not very long, we prefer to wear it on a high waisted pants, for example. To book more small breasts: the cut on the top of the bust tends to amplify the volume of the breast and breast access should be less to the fuller breasts.

Two colours and two subjects: gray in 100% cotton, modal-Cotton-spandex blend deep green.

Top with ruching QUEEN MUM
For those who prefer the additional discretion to a piece of fabric over the breast, this high neckline handset crossed and lining.

Who? For the breasts fuller that this pretty décolleté dress very advantageously. For large and small, since the gathers allow you to adjust the length of the top. The sleeves ¾ also allow him to cross the seasons.

RIPE Embrace

While overlays, this top offers different possibilities of access to the breast: either on the top of a cross section, discovering an area most important skin or “stealth”, under a cross pan mode.
Who? For all the breasts and all the silhouettes. Adjusted, this top does not stick to the body and overlays have a flattering effect. In the team, there is unanimity.
The favorite of Gaëlle: “before, during and even romantic long after breastfeeding! And this blue goes so well on blondes 🙂 »

Pomkin offers one of the types of access to the clever breast with these zippers hidden in the vertical seams of the sweat, almost invisible when closed.
Who? For all the cups, since each can choose the length of operation based on its morphology. Ideal for long feedings and the early days of pregnancy, with a less “pregnant” Cup

POMKIN Roeline
Do we allow a small exception to the series of ups to illustrate another success: the horizontal zipper, hidden in the cut of the dress.
Who? Placed relatively high opening and a less flexible material makes a particularly comfortable model and discreet for Petite breasts, breast access may be more acrobatic for large breasts.
The favorite of Caroline: “it’s the little black dress by excellence!

A disguised as a twin set, less low-cut top for those who prefer more covering models

Who? For all the breasts, with a sufficiently long inner lining. Easy to match value (available in 7 colors) and a skintight effect, for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

This warm and soft sweater is distinguished by a lining on the chest which produces a slightly curved effect. Access to the breast is practical, no frills.

Who? For lovers of fine mesh and classic look, regardless of their size and their silhouette.

BOOB Warmer

Emblematic of the brand Boob access: a lining on the chest, for access to the breast. This part of the sweater is also doubled polar material to keep your breasts warm. This both sport and women’s Hoodie is a must (Katrien the door in three different colors!) to nurse anywhere in output without to discover and to cool down.
Who? For all! This model is long enough to follow you in your adventures during pregnancy, breastfeeding and long after!

And you, what is your favorite access type? The most suitable to your morphology and breastfeeding?

Still you have questions about access to the breast? A single number to contact us: + 33 (0) 1 76 38 20 30

The mamaNANA team