Flattest Pico Projector Of The World

The thinnest Pico Projector in the world was developed in Germany. The prototype of the device is only 6 mm high and able to project images that are up to 10 times brighter than is normally possible with such a small device.

This is achieved through a series of very thin micro-lenses. So, the Pico Projector without a bulky lens can produce a sharp image according to MBAKECHENG. Handheld Pico Projector, for example, used cards, to be able to show movies or presentations on different surfaces. This may however just when sunlight incidence become a problem. By thelight, one is needed very strong light source, with a projector an image on the surface to project. The new lens system, which in the Pico Projector is used, to deliver sharp images even under these conditions. Due to the small size of the Pico could be in smartphones, mobile phones or Tablet PCs integrate projector. Other handheld projectors have a device in relation to the developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for applied optics and precision engineering, almost like giant.

New Lens System Enables The Small Dimensions

Under normal circumstances, increasing the brightness in a projected image means also the magnification used light source. Then also the lens of the larger light source must also be adjusted. This would mean that also the projector in its dimensions would have to be greater.Marc Sieler and his colleagues at the Fraunhofer Institute for applied optics and precision engineering developed a new lens. The lens, more specifically the lens system is extremely thin. The images to be projected by the lens system multiple overlay and the lenses focused. In this way, the final image is created.

In Tokyo, The New Prototype Will Be Presented

Some time ago, this system was developed, but in the course of time more and more refined. The new prototype at the Nano Tech 2011 in Tokyo will be presented in February of this year. Surely the Nano Tech 2011 in Tokyo bring technology with similar to many innovations in the area of nano as the CES in Las Vegas in the field of General technology. The new Pico Projector is, despite its small dimensions, a brightness of exhibit 11 lumen. If the prototype on the dimensions of the “normal-sized” Pico would projected projectors, he would be able to offer 90 lumens of brightness. Is another example of the development of projectors with dimensionsMini laser projector for installation in smartphones.