Four Smart Apps For Winter Running!

Winter doesn’t have to mean treadmill running. With these four apps let you run both a little more fun, safe and challenging.

Four Smart Apps For Winter Running!

All of these apps are available on the appstore, for both IOS and Android, and vary in price. New this year are Allone, a larmapp for the runner and Sprinter, the app that helps you find love in the running track.

With winter comes the darkness and to have a larmapp on when you go out in the running track is a wise idea. Allone is a larmapp that allows your friends to follow your run on their own phone. By giving them permission to follow you, they see your exact location in real time. Perfect for when you don’t have a running mate to take with him to the track. Allone also has an alarm function that both the sounds aloud, to attract attention, but also announces other app users who are in your area if you need assistance. Free!

Running interval workouts outdoors can be tricky. Especially during the winter when you don’t want to stand and Mecca with a stopwatch with cold fingers. In Seconds, you can preload your own interval workouts, or choose one of the ready-made passes. A voice tells you when it’s time for the next interval. Seconds can also be integrated with your Spotify list to match your range with the right music tempo. You may be curious bout Spotify:

The best motivation for all training is to find a good training companion. Clothing brand name Björn Borg has taken on this and launched the Sprinter, an app that will find your new running buddy in your neighborhood. The sprinter has by many been called a dating app for training people, if there was or not Björn Borg’s intention, we let be unsaid, but probably similar to the app if the notorious dating app Tinder…

Running is an individual sport, but to get out of running the track on a cold dark winter’s day can be a challenge for even the most seasoned runner. Vint is an app where you can find the running groups in your area and book a session with professional löpcoacher. VIPs so where it’s much easier to put on löpdojorna.