French Swimwear Brand 2016

French brand offers a variety of elegant models swimwear for the new season. The collection includes bathing purposes and different types of swimwear in two parts.

  1. Elegant swimwear

The new swimsuits Etam feature clean cuts and simple designs. Dominated by sophisticated models classic swimsuit and so modern retro swimsuit with deep bottoms to the waist, which hit in beach fashion 2013

2. Retro swimwear

You will not find highly cut swimsuit ,  sexy bikini or ultra- modern topless nor cords, beads and shiny dzhidzhavki as it does in other collections. (Pictures in the links). For this you will find so beautiful swimwear in two parts that radiate class and style.

3. Monochrome swimwear two parts

Some models monochrome swimwear have draperies, others are hard cup and underwire or a strap around his neck. The range varies from classic black and dark purple to so fashionable colors this season – poppy red and emerald green

4. Stylish swimwear with prints

The brand showed extremely stylish swimsuit with prints in black and white (another super modern trend), bikini striped sailor pattern in dark blue and white and very beautiful swimsuit with floral prints in bright natural colors.

5. Beautiful swimsuit

The new bandeau bikinis Bikiniwill radiate class and charm with its elegant simplicity. Presented by Natalia Vodianova look so feminine and stylish.