From The Ledlager Range: Bioledex LED Spotlight “Helso” Winner Stiftung Warentest

Spot lamps are versatile and practical. It is often installed as spotlights in ceiling. But also well suitable as Außenbe¬leuchtung, working lamp or reading lamp. Bulb of choice were halogen lights due to the good color rendering long time. These however are not known for their frugality. No wonder that even halogen spots are replaced increasingly by LED spotlights. But which hold, what manufacturers promise, which would you recommend it confidently and what should you keep better their hands? Stiftung Warentest has tested it and tested 10/2014 16 LED – and four halogen spotlights on heart and kidney in issue.

20 halogen-or LED spotlights for high-or low-voltage lamps were examined for the test as a whole (socket GU10 and GU5. 3 pin socket). It was for the bulbs this in four disciplines as well:

  • (Light technical characteristics: color rendition, brightness after the turn, brightness in cold and high temperature)
  • Life:Burning time, during which at least 80 percent of the declared net light power available is, burning up to total failure, power strength, strength of the base)
  • Environment and health:LCA, room air pollution (mercury/amalgam), flicker and noise
  • Declaration:Deviation specified and actual life, switching resistance, luminous flux, power consumption, color reproduction and color temperature; Information about mercury, waste disposal, energy class and dimming.

Test Winner: LED-Spot “Helso” By Bioledex-3.70 EUR For One Million Lumenstunden

The tested lamps are all products of from renowned brands according to FOODEZINE. Stand out was only one: the LED-Spot “Helso” by “green” means manufacturer Bioledex emerged with a test quality judgment of 1.7 as the clear winner. The GU10 spot, which is available also at LEDLager, section in all disciplines with “good” to “very good” and scored especially in durability, environmental/health and Declaration. Here, the LED spotlight achieved the best result among all tested spotswith a score of 1.3. Also “Helso” reached the by far best light outputwith 75 lumens/Watt. Unlike some high-voltage spotlight (LEDON GU10 7W, LG-GU10, 6W, verbatim-GU 5.3, 6.5 W, Müller light GU10, MegaMan GU10, 7.5 and 7 W Bioledex Spotlight showed also No premature failure symptoms after already 1,000-4,000 lighting hours.)

LED Lamps Offer Huge Savings

The test winner of Bioledex delivers for 3,70 EUR “Strominvest” 1 million Lumenstunden. This test result shows once more how much actually save with LED lamps can be. This not least due to the long durability and high switching stability of LED lamps. So all LED lamps cut off in the discipline of switching resistance with ‘very good’. In comparison with halogen spots, an average of 100 euros save LED in the course of their lives. A conversion to LED spots with only three hours pays burning time per day.