From The Practical “All-Carrier” To The Trend Accessory: Backpacks Are Back!

Away from the schoolyard image, to the fashionable must-have accessory: backpacks are the it-pieces of the season!

The good old backpack, which has accompanied us faithfully and reliably through the school days, has grown up with us and now presents itself in countless trendy versions from casual to chic, which prove to be both everyday, business and party-friendly. We reveal which trends in the backpack this season does not lead the way and how to carry the cool pocket alternative best!

It is a good thing that backpacks have changed their image in our favor, because we are not only pleased that they are keeping their original values ​​faithfully as a practical alternative to the bag, but also that we are grateful Fashionable backpack variants can carry real trend items!

The New Rucksacks Are So Versatile

Backpacks are the “working class” among the accessories. While bags were somehow called the “upper class” and moved around in glamorous circles, rucksacks remained true to their original purpose for a long time and became the epitome of functionality, reliability and durability. Backpacks had long struggled with a little trend-suspicious image, which was decisively influenced by a disproportionately high backpack spread on school yards or hiking trails.Backpackers or survival holidaymakers gave the rucksack a trail of adventure, but fashionable?No; Fashionable was not necessarily the attribute that one attributed to backpacks. They were mainly carried out for practical reasons – from puberty, excursionists, active sportsmen and / or “hobby explorers”, who even pushed themselves into the remotest corners of local recreation areas or the foreign countries.

Two shoulder straps and one, two compartments full of everything that is dear and dear to us: our backpack love is no accident! Where we used to wear school-worn animal motifs or functionality in bright colors, today’s soft leather is combined with noble buckles, a puristic material mix or elegant functionality that inspire us with enthusiasm. In terms of comfort, backpacks are still not to be hit by any bag, but in terms of hip hop they have run out of their shoes this season: while we have our hands free for the important things of life, backpacks give us stylish back cover. The new backpack versions are so cool that we can be accompanied by them to the office or the club.

Business backpacks have clear lines, muted colors and high-quality materials such as leather, refined canvas or high-tech materials, and provide enough space for laptop, timer & Co.

Backpacks to go out may be noticed! Metallic gloss, transparency, prints and patterns are just as much appreciated as classic leather, which is often used in the party variant by gold or silver details.

Sporty rucksacks are functional in a casual way and make our lives easier in fresh colors and from insensitive materials such as canvas or nylon.

Elegant backpack models combine classic pocket elements such as buckles, zippers or attached compartments with a timeless color and form language.

Fashion-Item Backpack-The Trend-Check

Quilted, with rivets, zipper compartments, fringes or metallic luster, outdoor or office-compatible, transparent, firm or soft as glove, canvas or nylon, puristic or asymmetrical, ladylike or ethno, color, trapezoid, bag or duffel, As a handbag-like Slingback or Stauraumwunder: Backpack is worn again! The new rucksacks have nothing in common with the bulky, screeching schoolyard horrors from the 90s or worn-out, petty wandering companions in hunter’s and camouflage colors.

The trend backpacks are generally more elegant and made of high quality materials such as leather in “adult” color nuances such as black, gray, brown, beige or nude.

Sporty rucksacks combine high-tech materials with eye-catching colors, as well as the details of backpacks. Fringes, tassels, zip fasteners, buckles and fittings often fulfill functional purposes, but are often used as a purely decorative embroidery element.

Casual canvas backpacks in duffel style or in colorful colors make your look look nice casual.

Unusual materials such as velvet, patent leather or plastic (like transparent) provide backpacks extravagance.

So the new rucksacks are worn

On the back, backpacks feel comfortable at any time, while both hands remain free. It is particularly casual to wear a backpack only over one shoulder or on the handle in the hand-Streetstyle professionals do it! The higher quality and elegant the backpack model, the more officially the occasion can be, to which it can be worn: A simple leather backpack replaces the nappa bag and even a chic look can be a fashionable backpack the perfect complement.