Functional & Comfortable Snowboard Pants

Lifestyle Snowpants in the Alps

There are some good reasons why you rarely see on the mountain snowboarders in their everyday jeans. Too cold? An argument! But there are many other reasons that speak for purchasing a snowboard pant. You should first make clear what really your requirements are on the mountain. Then you pick your new pants after the water column, breathability and other important features. Blue Tomato has of course for every taste pair of snow pants in range!


When it comes to the design of Snow Pants, the brands like Burton or Volcom can be increasingly inspired by the current street style. The classic zip closure with snaps on the collar has established itself in certain models. Combined with the ability to customize the width, you get the flexibility that you expect on your snowboard. Just the fit and the material are important criteria: For long Splitboard tours you will probably want to wear no baggy pants. During the Spring session in the park you can be hardly use an ultra warm Gore-Tex pants also.

Functional & Comfortable Snowboard Pants



Water column at Snow Pants

While differing tastes in Slim Fit, Loose Fit and other styles, one is at a thing most agree: functional is to be the new snow pants and lots of it! The first view, therefore goes to two values ​​that say a lot. Firstly, the famous water column should not be neglected. But why column show the indication in millimeters? That you can think so: It is a water-filled cylinder which is open at the bottom, placed on the material of the jacket. It is tested how high the water column can be, ie in which water pressure the first drops penetrate the gloves. The value indicates how watertight your Snowpants are. Simply put, the higher the water column, the longer you stay dry!

A similar value is the breathability of your snowboard pants. This column lists the value in grams per square meter. He describes how many grams of water vapor per square meter in 24 hours may exit through a fabric. Also in this case, the higher the better! Just strenuous tours or warm temperatures, this value is not negligible.


However, if there is nothing better for you than waist-deep powder and ten degrees below zero, you should make pants thinking about Insulation. The outer layer is used to waterproof, worry while additionally in the inside fleece or Primaloft materials for warmth. The proven GORE-TEX® technology is perfectly suited for these requirements. Moisture remains through the inner membrane always where it belongs – outside your pants!

Functional & Comfortable Snowboard Pants


Breathability Snowpants

Little things are well known, often can not be underestimated. Even your Snowpants has much in store, on that you should definitely pay attention.

An important detail, for example taped seams. The minimum are sealed, critical seams, but even better is the attribute “all seams glued” – especially in the higher price range now a standard. Moisture has as a result a chance, even through the actual weaknesses of your snowboard pants penetrate.

Buyer of your new companions for the day on the mountain as well as other features plays an important role. As it is, for example, with a snow gaiter at the ankles and special reinforcements on the feet? Often it is the little details that make a huge contribution to the longevity of your Snow pants. A lift pass pocket is now with almost every manufacturer standard, as well as many other storage options for all your stuff. Should you in the spring even be too hot in your pants, the multiple vents are on the spot – the wind does doing the rest.

You see: When buying a snowboard and outdoor pants nothing beats the functionality. Is this then also packed so pretty, it was definitely a good choice. Countless styles, patterns and colors keeps Blue Tomato ready for you. Whether Burton, CLWR, Bergans or Armada – you’ll be guaranteed to satisfy!