Geometric Lamp: New Trend of Decoration

Let your home decoration modern and charming with the geometrical fixtures.

You want to leave your home more beautiful and modern? Then bet on a geometric lamp. This enriches the layout of any room with your charming design. Read the story and check out details about the trend.

The luminaires are used in decoration as a way of illuminating strategic points in environments. They also contribute to the exploitation of space, while breed a style or put some decorative item.

What is the geometric lamp?

The geometrical lamp from remzfamily, also known as lamp wire, was very successful abroad and now finally came to Brazil. It proposes a different way of lighting environments, whereas combines geometric figures with lamps.

Despite appearing between 2017 decorating trends, the lamp wire is not new. It was created more than 40 years, by Danish designer Verner Panton. The piece creates a diffused light and nice effect, thanks to combination of lamp with a base formed with steel wires.

Trend of geometric lamps

Just perform a search on Pinterest to come across a variety of geometric lamp models. The pieces take advantage of rectilinear shapes, curves and angles, so are perfect for a modern décor.

The wire fixtures can be found on sale in the shops of decoration, in different colors, sizes and shapes. Models with neutral colors are very successful, as well as those who abuse the metallic tones and ombré effect.

Some geometric lamps have a sort of dome in the form of cage, that explore geometric shapes and work as modern lamps. Others are highlighted in the decoration as geometric pendants.

The trend toward geometric lamp also has served as inspiration for those who like to create their own decorative pieces, using techniques DIY (Do It Yourself). The works involve the use of wires, paint, between other materials easy to find.

The geometric design does not appear only in luminaires. He also takes shape in other decorative items such as picture frames and terrariums.

How to make geometric lamp?

In the following video, the designer Isabelle Verona features a geometric lamp tutorial. The walkthrough is quite simple and uses materials easy to find, as is the case of straws. Watch:

Geometric lamp models

The following different models of geometric light fixtures to decorate the House:

The geometric lamps can be used to decorate the living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, balcony, entrance hall and even a bathroom. Use and abuse of this decorated object.