Get the New Shorts

Coming warm days, it’s time to shorten the pants favorable length – what about the new shorts? We bring on new types of pieces that will enhance your wardrobe.

According to data on the calendar Spring is in full swing ahead of us now only warm days and it is time to replace long pants for something more comfortable – what do you think should be on new shorts? Today we focus more on types of shorts (refer to suitable to the city to work or more in society.

Very elegant look in the extended length shorts that you can use eg. In combination with the jacket and thus need to go to the office. For this occasion is very useful should be a satin finish.

If you feel like it, or an opportunity permits, you can also use a shorter variation of shorts just below the buttocks, suitable for eg. If you set out to town or an evening at a party.

The obvious necessity for the summer are also denim shorts that never go out of fashion and is suitable for almost any occasion. Today easily choose from a beautiful modern variations, should be very well looked jeans shorts adorned with rhinestones.

And what do shorts this year you go?