Gifts For 9 Year Old Children

Find matching gifts for 9 year old children is not always easy, but we have chosen 5 gift ideas for you and you will surely have a hit with them.Whether a boy or girl, inside or outside, wildlife or bookworm, there is something suitable for every child.

The best gifts for 9 year old children

We have selected five completely different gifts for 9 year old children, which we would like to introduce to you.An exciting detective case, a fantasy-stimulating Lego game, a book for little horse-riders, a creative set for soap-pouring and a kettcar for lots of action outside – with these gift tips is surely something for every child.

Gifts for 9 year olds – The three ???Detective suitcase

This exciting detective case inspires both girls and boys alike and ensures a lot of fun.With the “Die drei ???Detective suitcase “, the children can trace their tracks and convict their perpetrators and emulate the favorite characters from the popular radio plays and books.

UV lamp and secret pencil, fingerprint powder, barrier tape, plaster, magnifier and many other useful detective utensils offer many possibilities for an imaginative game and do not let boredom arise.The “The Three ???Detective suitcase “contains over 30 accessories and contains a booklet with criminal cases, which the small detectives can solve as well as many interesting facts about the detective profession.

Gifts for 9 year olds – LEGO Creator – Holidays

Lego offers exciting games for almost all ages.The LEGO Creator holiday travel set with a motorhome, a trailer with motorboat, trees, grass and flowers, two game figures and a bear can be converted into a holiday home or a yacht and offers almost endless fun on the playground or alone with friends.Boredom is not guaranteed with this Lego Set.

Gifts for 9 year olds – Sternenschweif, Volume 1: Mysterious transformation

  • 138mm x 17mm x 199mm
  • Linda Chapman
  • Franckh Kosmos Publisher
  • Edition no. 1 (07.04.2004)
  • Hardcover: 128 pages

Ponies, unicorns and adventures – what is more exciting for 9-year-old girls?Clear answer: nothing!With this book, you are sure to be right with all the girls who love reading.From the series of American astronauts Linda Chapman, you can find up to 50 successive volumes, so you always have the right succession.

Gifts for 9 year olds – SES creative – Soaps pour

A nice and creative gift idea for 9 year old girls is the set SES creative – soaps pour.With the help of a microwave, children can pour their own soap, in many child-friendly colors and shapes and even with glitter particles.This gift is guaranteed to inspire every 9 year old girl.

Gifts for 9-year-old children’s pedal go-kart

Of course the boys and the outdoor fun are not to be missed.This pedal go-kart lets all heart hearts and also many girls hearts beat faster.With this lively rubber-lined kettcar it can be swept outside at will.The adjustable seat and the handbrake ensure safety and driving pleasure.The steering reacts very quickly and reliably.The fun is guaranteed.The pedal go kart is suitable for children with a body size of 110 to 150 cm.

With these gifts you can certainly find something suitable for every 9 year old child.Gifts for children of other age classes can be found here: gifts for children