Givenchy ECLAT Matissime SPF 20 – “Mat Sand”

And again a great Foundation (not only) for light skin and that even with the shade number 3!I was on Facebook → the Foundation “ECLAT Matissime” * made aware by Givenchy and got kindly directly to the test.

After scent → and → lipstick , this is my third product of Givenchy so now and I’m still excited! The color fits perfectly and in addition I am convinced the Foundation in terms of durability and wearing comfort. Definitely one of the best foundations I own!

The packaging:
The carton is in plain black, all inscriptions are finished in white, only the Givenchy logo is embossed (on the back) in shiny metallic gold.

On the one hand, a QR code is located way back (as with the “Le Rouge”), which leads to the Givenchy page about the Foundation.

The Foundation:
The “bottle” is made of silky plastic with a shiny Cap. Admitted: something unluxuriös – as I would have expected a bit more from Givenchy. But what’s the feel, compensates somewhat what this silky feeling.The small optical highlight is the lid, the man, works a little like a storm lighter, side upwards (see photo below). Underneath is the pump dispenser, which is decorated with the Givenchy logo.

A relatively small amount comes from the pump dispenser – it took me 3-4 pump shocks for my full face. I have here but no larger consumption than at other foundations, it’s actually just the very small amount that comes out only once. 😉

The content:
30 ml with an official shelf life of 12 months are included. The prize is valued at €44,95.
Available in 7 shades.

The color:
I had only a bit afraid that “Mat sand” could be too dark because there are still two lighter shades – fortunately fits perfectly the color me (for comparison: I use “Porcelain” by Bobbi Brown). On the back of the hand she seems slightly darker, but incorporated (best of the order with the F80 liked so far flat top synthetic Kabuki by Sigma) the colour blends really 100% with own skin colour.

Let’s please do not irritate you paint on the inside of the arm (I know many are some of the doubts because of the color) – my skin is significantly brighter than in the face, therefore the colour doesn’t fit there of course at all!
The opacity is medium, can be good layers / build. Small flaws are easily balanced, stronger skin problems, one should also work with concealer or possibly camouflage.

Fit & durability:
The texture is terrific! Very silky and indeed also mattierend.I always had the feeling, not even further down to powder (I do still love – straight also, if it is then warmer, the skin sweats and there is a risk that it’s all a bit with melts), especially about the finish. No shine, but really silky matte skin, flawless.
Also the durability leaves no wish unfulfilled – especially with powder. I am absolutely thrilled!

My conclusion:

I definitely have a new Lieblingsfoundation!You excited really all around, has a perfect colour, a wonderful matte finish in addition to the wonderful texture and is really great on the skin.

By the way, she has a floral fresh scent, which however for some could be a problem personally really like – me, therefore would like to I point it out. The scent is quite intense, especially when applying, disappears rather quickly. As I said: I like him very, very well (I would like to please all skin care products with this fragrance!).

Just for the fair-skinned among you I would like a recommendation, of course you should visit but first make sure the correct colour spot you. Her → hereis a list of all points of sale, otherwise there’s Givenchy online at Douglas.