Google+ Doors are Open to Teenagers

In an interesting change of strategy, Google announced today that teens – before forbidden to enter the Google+ because of age – may participate in the social network. The change happened almost seven months after the official launch in June last year, and was accompanied by some well deserved notices security about privacy and information sharing.

From now who is 13 or older and have a Google account can now create a Google+ profile if you want, just log in and fill in your data. Since the launch of Google+ this has been one of the most criticized points, something that did not make much sense if you remember that in orkut the minimum age to create a profile is also 13 years.

Allied to this, Bredley Horowitz, Google+ initiative co-director, also announced the launch of a security center (in English only for now) specifically for the younger audience, who famously shares more than it should on any social network. The site will not only instruct beginners as their parents or guardians to deal with the sharing of information on the network and how to use it so that no one take risks.