Google Released The Code Source of Ice Cream Sandwich Inside Little

Good news for Android developers. If the day of the launch of Ice Cream Sandwich we saw how Google released the SDK updated today when we learn that the source code will be released soon This new version of the operating system is.

So, as as usual (except Honeycomb) Google will provide all users code of Ice Cream Sandwich so they can use it at will. Well, what this mean? To be soon available many home developers will begin to make ROMs for different terminals.

No doubt this is great news since, despite the commitment of some manufacturers update their terminals, the community of programmers It will begin to create unofficial versions of more quickly and where, certainly, we will receive versions next to what is Ice Cream Sandwich in reality, none of the customizations or layers type HTC Sense above.

So far Google has not announced source but ensures that it will be soon, possibly after the launch of the Galaxy Nexus. We will see, now, what will be the first handset to receive an Ice Cream Sandwich ROM part of the community. It will be interesting to see also the work that will make some great chefs of the Android community with the source code for this new version. The issue promises to.