Google Starts to Enable New Gmail Interface for Users

The screenshot that leaked by a Google employee at the end of last month raised the rumor that Gmail would gain new features and a new interface in the future. Behold, today Google starts to enable this new interface to the millions of users of its email free.

In addition to the new interface, Gmail’s address book also received a redesign and new functions. Now you can organize your contacts by last name and dial phone numbers in the calendar with specific tags. The new Gmail also has a large number of keyboard shortcuts (to see what press the? Key on the Gmail screen), the ability to undo changes to the settings, better check emails, a larger field for the session notes, among others.
in the post the official Gmail blog, where the company announced the news, they say that most of these changes were requested by the users and encourage them all to continue sending suggestions of what should be improved via the contact form.


Of course, like all the release of new features in Google’s web products, not all users can see the new interface yet. It is being turned slowly. To Google Apps users, the company warns that the upgrade can take a while.