Google Will Boost The Sale of Applications for Payment

The Android Market is not yet profitable for the applications for payment and this is something that many have seen when comparing the downloads of the trial version of an application against the payment. Google hopes this will change this year, which will focus on improving its applications store.

To encourage sales, Google goes to facilitate the payment form, adding the possibility of charges to be included in the phone bill, to save the users get personal and banking data to make purchases or having to have account on Google Checkout and cia.

Added the possibility of buying into the same applications, which in turn will encourage developers to take out payment applications and will clean up the Android Market applications add-ins, can go within those applications, being able to buy into a game more levels, accessories, etc.

This year will also be the improved version of the web page from the Android Market with the possibility to install applications from the PC remotely having synchronized with our Google account, where it will be easier and more comfortable to search applications mobile. Also the app from the Android Market will continue to improve to make it easier to find the applications.

Hopefully that they will not take much to apply these improvements, especially in the web version of the Android Market, to see if this get encourage the sale of applications and thus encourage those developers and companies that are not yet viable to sell applications on Android.