Grooveshark Gets New Process for Not Paying Royalties

At the end of November last year the pit of Grooveshark began to be excavated when the UMG, Universal Music Group, one of the four giant music world, has filed a lawsuit against the site streaming music, asking for a total of over 17 billion of dollars in damage. This pit starts to get bigger now that another studio opened a new case against the company.

According to EMI, by the way the only studio with which Grooveshark had an agreement, the company that owns the service (Escape Media Group) has not paid a penny of royalties since the agreement was signed in 2009 and therefore a process for breaking contract was opened in the New York court.

The studio does not say how much asks for damages, but according to the documents in the file found by the NYTimes newspaper, EMI seeks at least $ 150,000.

For those who do not remember, shortly after the lawsuit filed by Universal, the music division of the giant Sony and Warner followed the same steps and also began to sue the company. With the new lawsuit filed by EMI’s famous music streaming site could receive a different process from all the major American studios in the back. Not bad, if it were a competition.

A company spokesman, however, says that “it is only a contractual dispute that aim to resolve” about the new process. Already on the previous ones, they ensure that the Universal based information to open proceedings on false allegations and intend to fight to prove it in court. Let’s see how they fare.