Guide For The Viewer Of Cycling

Life evolves and the Spanish customs are changing progressively. Good for the crisis, by the latest trends in the use of urban cycling, or simply because it is a means of ecological transport, more bicycles were sold in Spain in the year 2013 (780,000 units) than cars (700,000).

However, if we did a survey on the street about the hobby to be seen cycling on television, surely the answers would be focused to the drowsiness that cause the flat stages, or the Association of this beautiful sport with the desktop of the month of July, while gets background the Tour de France. And that should fix it.

Note: throughout the article, you will find different words in bold and italic. They correspond to own biker slang terms, and although they are all explained, you can use the comments if you have any questions.

The first thing you should know is that road cycling is a sport that is run by teams. Equipment, like that in football, are divided by categories; and according to the budget and the importance of having having as objectives getting wins stage, general classification, secondary classifications (such as the intermediate sprints or mountain) or simply be seen on television, since it should not be forgotten that competition cycling is a sport that lives of the sponsors and advertising on TV is important.

In order to achieve these goals, each team consists of 9 riders who wear same. The person selected to carry out those goals is called leader (eg. Alberto Contador, Nairo Quintana or Chris Froome) and other cyclists of the team that will have to help you at any time are known as gregarious. The gregarious, if the case, would have to carry from the car in the back of the peloton to where is the leading water or food: the rider who performs this function is known with the name of Waterboy.

As I said, virtually everyone associated with the Tour de France road cycling, but surprised to know that the cycling season is much more than the gala round and which ranges from the month of February until the beginning of October.

If we wanted to take this sport, in the month of January we will find already several races and criteriums (exhibition races) for Australia, since there is summer. From February or March is going happening races of several days, as the return to Majorca, Andalusia, Catalonia and Paris-Nice. These races are often divided into several flat stages and some mountain, marking that time differences between the different leaders.

Spring blood alters, and seems also affecting cycling, since in the months of March and April are disputed the Classic. A classic is a one day race, usually with many years of history, which is characterized by its hardness due to the high mileage, the succession of ledges or walls and even the firm nothing sure paving stones by which it passes. All the classics include the Milán-Sanremo, the Tour of Flanders, Paris-Roubaix or the Liege-Bastonge-Liege.

This type of racing tends to have lot of tradition in France and Belgium and is called to the runners who compete for them clasicomanos. The most well-known clasicomanos include Tom Boone, Philippe Gilbert or Fabian Cancellara.

As the days pass, we will be meeting with important races such as the tour of the Basque country or the Tour de Romandie, which will serve to test riders for the first of the large, the Giro of Italy.

There are currently only 3 large: Giro of Italy, Tour de France and the return to Spain, and are characterized by being 3 weeks racing. In races of 3 weeks, we find plain, mountain and time trial stages.

The Giro of Italy is often characterized by the hardness of its mountain passes such as the Zoncolan, Finestra or the legendary Mortirolo. It is awarded to the leader of the general classification a Jersey called the Maglia Rosa to distinguish him from the rest of the runners.

The flat stages tend to have bad reputation for being boring. This is because apparently the wheel squad while quiet getaway wheel with several minutes of advantage until missing 15 kilometers for the conclusion of the stage. There, the platoon is thrown to catch them and begins the work of the sprinter(team leaders). The Mission of these is to be the fastest on arrival and thus win the stage, and to count with the help of their gregarious which at this time are called launchers. The sprinter more acquaintances of the time include Marc Cavendish, Marcel Kittel or Jon Dejenkol.

Although a plain stage may seem apparently boring, if you see the wind thing can completely change. Surely platoon (when go riders group) cut formingfans and forcing cyclists to go sideways, covering each other to avoid wasting time. People are not aware of the time that can be lost in a range.

In addition to the flat stages we also have the contrarreloj, which can be played individually or by teams. The individual time trial is characterized by an output in reverse order to the position having the rider in the overall standings, so the race leader will be in last place. Like all races, wins that cyclist that take less time to make the trip.

In this type of stages often used the goat, which is neither more nor less the affectionate nickname that acquires bike which is disputed the team time trial. This bike will be different in form from those used in the rest of the stages, and the big time of the moment highlights the German Tony Martin and the British Sir Bradley Wiggings.

Without a doubt, the most spectacular stages are the mountain. A mountain stage is usually one that has 3 or more between the departure and arrival ports. The stage of the vuelta that has more ports will be her Stage Queen. Is in these stages where normally cyclists will play the general classification of the return, as well as the classification of the mountain (at each top points depending on the hardness of the port and the position that happens, at the end of the turn will by giving who more points have this classification is carried).

It is spectacular to see the demarrajes a few cyclists are given to others, writhing in pain and effort by the steep ramps to let removed the rest and win the race as well. When a cyclist gets lifted and sometimes dried or desfondado, it is said that you came you to visit the uncle of the harness. When a cyclist that shortage forces or simply it is a selfish and will wheel (back) of another rider without going to relay it will say that it is sucking wheel and if you are picking up and returning to bind one will say that you go to making gum. Between the best climbers (cyclists that by their physical conditions roll better on the mountain) of the moment are Nairo Quintana, Alberto Contador, Joaquín Rodríguez and Vincenzo Nibali.

At the end of June, they tend to play the various National Championships. As its name suggests, it can only be disputed by cyclists of that country and the winner will have the honor of carrying in his Jersey the flag of his country throughout the year.

July is the month of the Tour de France. Without a doubt it is the most important race of the year and is where cyclists are played throughout the season.The world of cycling wheel depending on the Tour.

This race is characterized in the first weeks on everything from the massive falls within the squad caused by nerves. To go run the race will come two Pyrenees mountain blocks (Col du Tormalet) and Alps (D´Huez Alpe). All cyclist dream is to reach the ultimate goal of Paris and awarded the yellow Jersey champion with the arc of the
Triumph of Fund.

Making a comparison with studies, who suspended in summer has to occur in September. This is why cyclists who have not surrendered well throughout the season will surely participate in The tour of Spain. The career of House is usually characterized by short stages with unknown ports that may complicate the race more than one. We could highlight the ports of the Angliru or Lagos de Covadonga lakes as 2 of the most characteristic.

Practically we could finish the season with the World, which is held once a year and have the peculiarity to be played by national teams and not by teams.Characteristics of the world tend to be a classic, and if there has been a cyclist who has excelled in the world that is the Spanish Óscar Freire, which got no less than 3 world. It is given to the world champion Jersey rainbow that will look throughout the season.

Once finished the season practically, is the time for the criteriums, designed for children and not so children can see up close to their idols.

I hope this little guide will help to promote the interest in this exciting sport.

Greetings, and we are in the curbs encouraging…