Guide – Shoes Combine

As promised in the previous article, there is today a small Guide to the combine of shoes. The possibilities of combinations are so versatile just for shoes that I limit myself here to some Schuhstyles, even in my basic article happen to make it all a little clearer and you get ideas and inspiration for the most important styles. 

Here is a guide from, which will help you to combine your shoes better and more beautiful.

Athletic Shoes – Simple and clean sports shoes are excellent to create a formal look a little looser and more sporty. Why so not after work with a pair of sport shoes combine the Blazer and jeans? A casual casual shirt out of his pants, belt drop and already has one style which is suitable for pretty much all activities after work and above all still sow is convenient.

Plimsolls – a shoe for the summer, combining it to a slightly rolled up Chino or a short jeans. Because the shoe is very easy your quiet some PEP in can bring and with the shoes even accent put, either by high-contrast colors or flashy patterns to subtle and muted colors in outerwear and pants. One of my favorite outfits in the summer is a short jeans with a white T-Shirt and color monochrome, red plimsolls end a navy parka, to do so. When it is very hot the parka can be also be dropped or replaced with a Cardigan.

Loafers – Also rather a shoe for the summer or spring, combined him to a slightly rolled up Chino or a dark jeans, stylish and very classic.This striped shirts in grey or red and white, and a blazer in Navy. The loafer is more of something for the upscale wardrobe and is always a very informed impression.

Boots – Boots are easy to combine, they fit for anything except shorts. I like my boots very much and just this winter you could get out without you, now essential for the autumn and winter. Especially cool with dark, washed-out jeans, a light T-shirt and an open parka, but with boots everything (except shorts!) is really and of course not in the spring and summer.

Desert Boots – an absolute ALLROUNDER for spring, autumn and winter. Perfect for the rolled jeans and nice socks. Especially, of course, the original of Clark’s but also other variants are suitable to the bear. Super comfortable yet chic. Especially the bright suede variants have become increasingly popular in recent years and fit perfectly to dotted, striped, or socks in contrasting colors.

Boat Shoes – something for the spring or summer work wonderfully with short trousers, chinos or rolled jeans even more. Particularly good boots work shoes send events in the summer like a wedding or similar. Simple polo shirt with a linen or cotton Blazer are the perfect combination for your boots shoes for such an occasion.

I hope the article will help you and give you some inspiration and food for thought for your shoe combinations. You can send also like, at any time your outfits as photo e-mail me if you have any questions or would like to have some advice. If you need more help on other issues, looks best in our style guide for men.