Halloween is Coming

Few know that  Halloween, the scariest holiday of the year, before becoming a high-rate party hypoglycemic and disguises style  horror , was the way in which the ancient Celtic people celebrated the end of summer and the harvest period in fields. The days quickly slipped into the darkness of winter and the villagers, the night between October 31 and November 1, lit fires, wearing ritual costumes and offered food to the spirits so trying to win their good will to ensure that help them to happily spend the cold winter. With the advent of the Christian church this feast was incorporated in celebrations of All Saints,  All Hallows’ Day  in English, then in the current name became Halloween. For us it means carved Halloween pumpkins, children playing on the doors of neighbors humming “trick or treat?” And many many disguises.

Halloween is near and as always do not know what to wear… The time is short and to dedicate a shopping day is unthinkable…   but today except myself and save you: Zalando!!! Yes, you read well: e-commerce Zalando has opened a page dedicated to  Halloween .
Pizzi black, studs, skulls, crosses are just some of the ideas that you will find in page Zalando opened on the occasion of Halloween.

I have already chosen my favorite gear, what are you waiting?