Harry Potter Inspired Makeup

To do the Harry Potter spells do not have to jump through the platform 9 and 3/4: just wear the correct magic eye shadow! Discover the super glamorous collection of eyeshadows inspired by the characters of the saga and “haunted” the other party with a look! The more chic? What inspired Dumbledore!

Are you also grew up on bread and Harry Potter? So, friends , this is the right article for you, especially if you are fascinated by the magical world of make-up as well as from what is beyond the famous London Platform 9 3/4.

Would you like to show a shadow so intriguing to unleash a Petrificus Totalus about who is watching you? The Shiro Cosmetics has created a fantastic collection of eye shadow inspired by the different personalities of the characters in the Harry Potter saga, with a price that ranges from $ 1 to 6. These eyeshadows me I would not miss them even if I tortured with theCruciatus curse. Must-see, do not you?

1. Severus Piton

A black and oily base covered with a delicate green patina: this is the nuance that represents the authoritarian personality, arrogant and wicked Severus Snape. At least that’s what he thinks of him Harry Potter until he discovers his painful secrets. Snape actually will be revealed as a great protector of Harry and faithful collaborator of Albus Dumbledore in the fight against evil. The green shades nell’ombretto remembers the color of Slytherin, the smoke of potions, and the eyes of Lily Potter. A really intriguing character, as her eyeshadow, do not you?

2. Hermione Granger

Hermione Granger, the smartest and brilliant witch of Hogwarts School could only be represented by a bronze-red eyeshadow, a shade super luxurious and refined suitable for coatings of elegant nineteenth-century armchairs that could be located in the immense magical library! How nice to become wise (and beautiful) as Hermione!

3.  Neville Longbottom

A blue “sea” with intense sparkling green shades is the color that represents the personality of a Wizard of Gryffindor, initially described as a clumsy character and unable, in the course of the saga turns into a brave magician and large capacity, all’ other that of secondary importance! The Potter-maniacs will imagine that we are already talking about Neville Longbottom !The eyeshadow shades reproduces that of a pajama Neville appeared in the first film.

4. Minerva McGranitt!

A woman with magnetic eyes of a cat (just like the furry little animal that can transform), the austere appearance and emerald mantle. Who are we talking? Of Professor McGonagall course! If his authority figure and his great power will always have bewitched, try the eye shadow that is, a deep emerald metallic color.

5. Sirus Black

There is ever to escape from a maximum security prison and to be sought after by fearsome Dementors? If the answer is yes, the eyeshadow for you could is formed from a base purple-colored wine and bronze shades. Slightly resembling that of Bellatrix Lestrange, eye shadow inspired by the godfather of Harry Potter personality, Sirus Black, however, it is less cold than that horrendous cousin Eaters.

6. Fred e George

A tumultuous mix of purple and green sparks on to a shiny red orange base color. This the perfect eye shadow to represent the vibrancy and the cunning of the twins in the Harry Potter saga, Fred and George Weasley. We always dive head in trouble even without the Marauder’s Map? Then this could be the shade suits your eyes!

7.  Albus Dumbledore

A mix of blue and gold, however, appears as a bright silver. This hue inspired by the greatest magician who ever lived and the only one Voldemort ever feared (before the birth of Harry): Albus Dumbledore! Wise, quirky, ironic and boldly good, his personality is very complex and multifaceted, is a character that never ceases to surprise! Do not you find that quest’ombretto is very appropriate, as well as super cute?

8. Harry Potter

An eye shadow base color from coal and bright red highlights and gold, as warm and bright are the courage and purity of heart that always marked Harry. A childhood unhappy child who seems to have found its happiness in the world to which they belong discovers a magical world that will give him, however, in addition to friendship, love and truth, many difficult challenges to face. If you have ever immedesimate in Harry, you can not experience the eye shadow inspired him! Do not you find really attractive?

9. Ron Weasley

A crimson under which overlaps a golden color “tan” for the great friend of Harry, the loyal and stubborn Ron Weasley! Sometimes it’s a blockhead, but we find it adorable, do not you agree? The golden nuance is also trendy this winter!

10. Draco Malfoy

A cool tone and a smooth satin finish for the student of Hogwarts most hated all time by Harry. Snob, arrogant, vindictive, cruel but not entirely devoid of a sensitive side hidden. Here is the eye shadow inspired by the personality Draco Malfoy, for those who has always been fascinated by Draco’s personality and his icy gaze snakey. You say, you do not find fashion and cruelly haunting, perhaps combined with some white garment?

11. Bellatrix Lestrange

One of the most loyal servants of You-Know-Who, cruel and crazy, that’s Bellatrix Lestrange! An ultra dark purple base with shades of green and ashes: the most suitable shades to represent his wickedness! If at times you feel attracted to dark powers, here’s how to give more light to your left side. Spare us the Avada Kedavra though!

12. Ginny Weasley

Intense metallic shades copper covered with bright orange glitter, such as hair and boldness of the beautiful and timid Ginny Weasley. Would you like to turn your head to the wizards from the fearless heart like Harry? Then this is the shade that’s right for you!

13. Lord Voldemort

A gray to yellow and greenish, with a slight reddish tinge. No light and no glitter eye shadow makeup inspired by Sourcemakeup.com, the Dark Lord to which the fate of Harry is deeply connected. This cool shade of eyeshadow particularly accentuates the color of green eyes and attracts admirers, more than friends (just as Lord Voldemort).