Heidi Klum Halloween Costumes

Halloween is approaching, which means that Hollywood stars feverishly invent something to go to the coolest party, which will be organized – that Heidi Klum.

Heidi Klum Halloween Costumes
Nevertheless, you can be sure that no one can surpass the hostess because its Halloween outfits are insanely cool and unique. Halloween in England and Ireland, is also called All Saints Day. But usually at night, in old Celtic customs, all forget about the sanctity and reincarnate in devils and demons. To inspire you with ideas for original costume we have chosen visions of Heidi Klum from the past 15 years. In 2013 Heidi shocked everyone by appearing at her party dressed as himself, but in the future – looking like an old woman.

Can safely announce Heidi Klum as Queen of Halloween costumes! Over the years, she has managed to masks as all sorts of characters, including classic – a vampire and a witch. With a red wig, long boots to the knee and a big red wig Heidi appeared on their second organized Halloween party for more than 10 years.

The costume of Lord Shiva gathered eyes in 2009 and again ranking as the original masked star for Halloween . As you will see pictures below Heidi keeps the authenticity and tries to look the most realistic and closer to the images, which is experiencing.

Still together – Heidi and Seal are dressed like monkeys. Earlier Heidi blows in a suit in which they are painted only muscle and mass. But before they end their relationship and her former husband is wearing a similar costume, which became unrecognizable and not only bowled over arriving guests, but also became the number one topic for all media. Over the costumes of famous top model work a team of makeup artists and stylists who are trying to get maximum Heidi most realistic view of her chosen image.