Helmet Klipsh Image One II, Energy Between Your Ears

This Image Klipsh One II is a design all in allquite sober, a black color enhanced by a metallic edging and a gray hull on the headphones. The port is very nice, a bit like – no pun intended-of the Sony MDR-55already Chronicle here. The Atria are softand flexible. There is no doubt that the long wire won’t be a problem.

The captive cable-damage-is flat, which limits the risk of twisting. We note the presence of a built-in remote control dedicated to Apple mobile products (volume and call pickup). An air adapter, another adapter 3.5/6.25 mm as well as a hard case of transport are also provided.

It does not change a winning team, the Cowon J3 will be again on the spot for this test. Let’s start with the “Set Them Free” Caecilia Norby. The sound stage is wide, well distributed in space. The tonal balance denotes a small overweight of the grave, which does not, however, alter the listening pleasure. The vocal richness is very noticeable, the Klipsh is energetic and dynamic, which doesn’t surprise us on the part of a specialist manufacturer of high-performance speakers. By listening to the ‘In Your Wild Garden”of Joséphine Gronholm, one finds that serious present, which gives the chest listening without stifling other frequencies. Lovers of big his “American” will be at the party.

Confirmed on “If Señor” impression of Gloria Estefan, it’s dancing and very alive, the Image One II is really uncomfortable on the pieces that require energy, there seems to have activated the key of a good hifi amplifier loudness. On the ‘Grog Moin’ of the Group Africando, impacts are super franchise, percussion are a treat to hear.Without worthy on the acoustic music the Klipsh obviously made the difference on the music more “punchy” what are salsa, reggae, rock and electro.

This headset is also available in model Bluetooth, offering call taking and APT-X compatibility (as a reminder, it is a standard Bluetooth audiophile giving a result close to CD quality) and taken phone call for a announced autonomy of 10 h.

On the right earpiece are the keys in road and pairing, socket communication, pausing and volume as well as the navigation in the beaches, while the left earpiece hosts the connector mini-USB to charge.

After comparative listening, I confirm that the difference between wireframe mode and Bluetooth mode is more subtle. Only prolonged listening betrays a slight loss at both ends of the frequency spectrum, inevitable loss and who has nothing insurmountable. Access to the functions is easy and intuitive, which is not always the case on Bluetooth headsets.

Sound insulation by the manufacturer when told she appeared quite satisfactory without being absolute.

Klipsh Image One II, if not the most neutral helmet market, I liked hisenergy to spare, his seat in the bass, his dynamic typically Klipsh. It is obviously as a choice not to be overlooked in its price range if you appreciate a refund which moved.