Highlights of Day 3 Beauty

The third day of the largest fashion week in the southern hemisphere was punk. Some parades (the event takes place in Parque Villa Lobos), a lot of running around and anticipation. And it wasn’t for less, right? As everyone knows, yesterday did your last Gisele catwalk and your decision to retire of the walkways left people in a frenzy without size.

The logistics of the event changed all due to the presence of the top, which drew up the Mayor of São Paulo and all your security to accompany the excitement of close. After all, no one wanted to be left out of this historical moment. Even for those who were there for work has not been easy.

Anyway, don’t belittle the whole meaning of über, many other things rolled the SPFW and now it’s time to point out our favorite details in the beauty of the fashion shows of yesterday.

Ronaldo Fraga

Hovering through the air a similarity of inspirations. As I’ve shown, Triya bet on mermaids for the collection and also in beauty. Next to thebeachwear brand the talented stylist Miner, also dived in these waves according to Makeupnecessities.com.

Marcos Costa, super backstage veteran, presented the proposal for your look, full of good inspirations for we replicate. He used three shades of blue shadows, all Natura Una, forming a gradient amazing, where lighter nuance was applied as an eyeliner, demarcating the internal part of the eyes and down the line d ´ water. On the lips, lip gloss Crystal with slight brightness to enhance the mouth. To close, black mask in the upper lashes.

The hair, the choice was that old and beautiful “fins”. Is a false braid, made after the wires are textured with babyliss and receive a lot of spray.Easy to do: just go pulling the Wicks, twist each and attach with Staples “standing”. “Can you do my hair in 3 and a half minutes. You know when you go to a party the previous day and have another appointment the following day, but you don’t want to wash your hair? Is a tip to take advantage of the volume of the wires! “ , teaches the expert.

Reinaldo Lourenço

I think we feel pinches of color on makes this season, right? That conversation to make nothing is being left out and that’s what Fabi Gomes, who commanded the beauty of elegant parade of Reinaldo Lourenco made it clear.

The make-up artist had the romanticism to the make and proved what we have observed in other days: metallic tones returned to increment the eyes with a lot of glamour. In this case Fabi used: four shadows in shades of lilac, pigment and multiple layers of silver mask, all of the Mac. Says that this outfit was not girlie and ultra modern at the same time?

Vitorino Campos

In a parade super cool and full of inspirational references, the Bahian stylist did a nice presentation. Chess compositions showed big and small, played with the straight silhouettes and still ended with a hint of pink and purple candy, super feminine.

And also it was more like a beauty signed by Fabi Gomes, who took the opportunity to break the rule: “eye or mouth”. She chose both, but not in the same model! The eyes take turns between gray, pink and blue, while the lips lipstick Diva (Mac) gave the pitch attitude. Pure elegance!


The mark closed the third day parades with a footprint of rock and roll. Jeanswear, tailoring, sportwear and Japonisme are bets of Colcci for the summer 2016. Robert Stephen gambled on the built-in, braids made very close to the root in the right flat. Some models have three braids, some just two. On the make, the top Henrique Martins proposed the iconic cat eye.