Highlights of Day 4 Beauty

The penultimate day of the São Paulo Fashion Week, which celebrates the 20 years of existence and persistence of Latin America’s biggest fashion week, brought in the line-up of some of our favorite brands. Among them: GIG (mineira!) and Samuel Cirnansck.

As we talked about in the previous days, the beauty for the summer 2016 continues following the line of the natural and bright, with touch of color, especially to the eyes. And in this current footprint, Valley also inspire in the years 20, 40 and 60, as some brands have bucked. Learn the best tricks and products we saw yesterday in the backstage and conquer a catwalk:

Samuel Cirnansck

Samuel was inspired in 20 years, more precisely elegant in all the time, and in the Art Decó movement to create your summer collection. Crystal chandeliers and floral arrangements brought the sumptuousness of this period to the parade according to Beautygenerate.com.

Celso Kamura has produced more than a hairstyle: Coke well lacquered in the head and superdesfiado at the tips with the root gel-grudadinha (another bet wet effect). The first graced tailoring pieces, while the latter composed the great party dresses. In make, very intense blush (almost red), eyes hazy and black pencil on line d ´ water, pink lips and black paint to give a charm.

Patricia Vieira

The designer was inspired by the climate and beautiful landscapes of Costa Rica to develop the summer collection. Already in terms of beauty, femininity with a scent of 40 years married perfectly with the fashion show. We are loving this back in time from the Collections. Look back and get references that may be present is a great creative exercise.

Max Weber proposed a curly hair side (à la red carpet) and a make powerful, with intense red lips. Responsible for the desirable shine is the lipstick “Kiss Kiss Red Rhinestone“, from Guerlain. Another luxury used was the primer “L ´ or“, which has gold in composition.


Who knew that knitting could be much more than a craft and tissue antiguinhos? The label showed that mining came to be in the line-up of SPFW.Squandered talent and beauty in a collection that brings references the years 60 and in the history of Scottish designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Robert Stephen signed the beauty of the parade once again and invested in the skin and eyes lit with color and glossy effect (remember we talked about yesterday that this is the bet of the week?). The chosen palette for eyes and mouth was theTrend Forecast, “which merges shades of pink.As the product has a creamy texture, can be applied only with mild Pat on the eyelid. The temples, they received a touch soft glow with the “Pearl Varnish Eye Gloss“, both from the Mac. The two products are already one of the darlings of the season!

Giuliana Romana

The brand has invested in counterpoint between shapes and delicate fabrics fluids with very heavy shoes. The color chart has opted for the light nuances, such as: white, off white and blue. Everything to enhance comfort, femininity and still honor the Bahia (inspiration for the collection): since the plots that resemble fishing nets to application of Brazilian raw stones.

On beauty, which drew attention were the hair as well. It’s perfect for a practical woman, who got tired of being hostage to the brush and plate. The new focus is the volume. Can invest.


With inspiration in the flowers of the Japanese cherry blossoms, the collection couldn’t be different: delicate, feminine and full of candy. Ultra elaborate embroidery stressed the silhouettes and rich texture. So, in this typically Eastern vibe , Celso Kamura brought a lightweight beauty, but with vibration. The eyes were bypassed with soft blue shadow both on the outside, inside, completing a dash as also below the eyes.