Hiking Boots for Winter

Bet strong this winter 2011, Hiking Boots arrived dominated the world of footwear.It is inspired by the specialized boots for sports such as mountaineering, climbing and hiking trails. However, to turn the trend into sets, the traditional sport Bootie underwent some modifications.

Hiking Boots for Winter

To become the object of desire of fashionistas, the hiking boots received leap, a more feminine and sophisticated finish, plus a few other details like buckles and zipper.

Although they kept the shoelace, important detail to recognize a good hiking boot model. They also get more modern variations and fashions, as models in short or medium barrel with open beak “, more pesadonas, with platform heels or half leg, in addition to various fabrics such as leather, suede, varnished, etc.

Also defined as a boots with heels, hiking boots are ultra comfortable and stylish at ANDYOUTDOOR. They can be used on different occasions, accompanying various parts, jeans, short skirts, long, short shorts, dresses and tailoring. For example, a type of hiking boot made in suede and stiletto, can accompany dresses or short skirts more full-bodied fabric next to thick tights, looks great and super winter chic.

If the idea and use long skirts or romantic parts, hiking boots without heel, heavier boots style is ideal to leave the look modern and cool. So you create a visual personality, with elements that mix, at the same time, some of the male and female universe, super trend in fashion.

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