History of the Handbag

History of the handbag / purse in the changing of times

Im range of fashion and design plays the bag not only in the literal, but also in the higher sense a supporting role. But no matter, whether it is dealing with a model from edgy acting tarpaulin, ecologically correct mined material or quaint leather – all available today representatives of the Lady’s handbag has a common development history:

Of the utensil for booty maker to the well-fortified leather bag

Before the bag became an indispensable part of feminine wardrobe, she was especially
an accessory of the men. Already in the stone age, these always bag-like containers with led
with it, which were the transport of spare parts for their hunting equipment or tool.
After the transition to agriculture and animal husbandry, the bags to sturdy leather bags, changed the
the inclusion of thrusting and stabbing weapons were determined. In this so-called military gehenken
Men keep personal things such as coins or important documents or to
carry around. Women, girls and younger boys was access to a such practical
Leather case but denied; they kept their belongings in specially designed
Fan of women’s clothing.

Of the gun bag to the handmade bags

After fashionable changes had increasingly pushed back the small inside pockets,.
also the ladies again on the once so practical bag and thus created the first
to be taken literally Hand bag. Differently than they are today contained this successor to the masculine
Leather case but only useful objects: usually understood it sewing kit
or begun needle work and the ever-present “alms”penny for the Sunday
Going to church.

From an everyday object to the worldly ladies handbag

While the design of the bag initially predominantly by the personal taste of the respective
Bearer was intended, it increasingly adapted to the specifications of courtly fashion. In the course of which
first came a very specific model in series at the beginning of the 18th century: A bag of
Marquise de Pompadoure grandfather after Europe’s similar variants were in all Täschnern
ordered. Under the name of its creator, the arch purse was an incomparable
Triumph’s and is still regarded as the most famous handbag of the world.

By female in male hand

All following “Pompadour” handbags were still very feminine and passed out
According to fine materials. Only midwives had – the demands of their activity
to be – much more robust leather case. Paradoxically turned out precisely
This probably earliest symbol of emancipation the first men’s handbag – the still
common doctor bags.
In the course of their further development became more and more to the means of expression the Lady’s handbag
personal attitudes or social structure. However, this aspect today hardly
a very different story is to thinking away fabric or leather bags…