Home and Garden Ideas for Decorating

Each piece in the frame, which is the fence in case it needs refreshment over a period of time and because beauty lies in small details, we decided to show you some ideas for decorating the garden.

For some of them, maybe you know, not for others. Choose the right idea for your magical place, take a moment and you will be surprised with the results. Each subject will fall into place and create a feast for the eyes and soul of painting flowers and plants.

Ideas for Decorating Garden

Chimes are an integral part of almost every yard. Why not make you any. It is enough to keep a few bottles of wine (glass may be a different size) and find some wire. Tie them to their throats and select the appropriate height to hang. Then start enjoying the pleasant sounds that issue with easy garden decoration ideas.

Small colored tiles on the stairs will renew and will convey personality and style. Do not hesitate to bring a little color mood climbing home.

These pots in fact until recently were chandeliers. If you decide to change the lighting body, do not throw, found its application. Add a little finger, put your favorite flower and happy your new acquisition.

Put glass pebbles or white plastic beads in an old, unusable lantern. You can find them in Indian stores. Will give a pretty sheen and style of your garden.

Surprise Guests

For lovers of fountains. Use medium-high ceramic pot in an interesting shape and drill bottom. Thread a thin hose inside (as shown in photo) and you will have a fountain, which will be even functional – you’ll water the flowers. You can be embellished with stones around the fountain.

Wicker chairs are present in almost every garden. Here our idea of decoration is to repaint them in interesting color, combining with other furniture and attach small decorative pot on the back. You do not think you were right? Your guests will be surprised.

Paint the rug in front of his door with spray paint. You can use a template or simply make some colorful ribbons.

All you need is a wooden pallet, to freshen up with paint. It turns out that can be very functional, because it becomes a garden table.

For this idea to decorate using white paint on porcelain pots, then template pictures.

Add freshness to the fence as several ceramic pots painted in different brilliant color and hang them into one another. You can paint a flower spray, which can be purchased from large chain stores to garden accessories.

Add personality to the soft parts in your garden (pillows and mattresses), making them color contrasting the background color. The photo above shows the idea to form the sheet. Used templates do not have to have special skills.

Upgrade your old window with a network using yarn. Make some long stitches for a bold effect. More functionality will give him, if you write the number of the street where you live or the name of his family.

Use metal pads pots. If you find 3 different sizes will be more interesting. The idea of us for this outdoor decoration is to hang one under another wall or fence. It is important in each of the trays have a hanging plants, such that do not grow in height. Arrange so as to obtain a color riot of flowers.

Terrariums existed for centuries, and recently gaining more pularity. All you need is a wooden board, a few small pots of flowers and a glass lid.