Honor 4 X: Big, Fast, Cheap

Conclusion: The honor 4 X shows up in the test as a very solid smartphone at a fair price. The good pace of work convincing as well as the fast LTE connection. The HD resolution, however, is somewhat low for the 5.5-inch display and the internal memory much too small.

The dual-SIM phone honor 4 X shows that entry-level smartphones of increasingly rare compromise must go: the OCTA-core processor is 64 bit capable and taktet with 1.2 GHz, the graphics unit is a Mali-450 MP and the memory is 2 GB. No top hardware, but for everyday tasks and most of the games more than adequate. On top, the honor has to offer also LTE Cat4. Among other things the measly internal memory of for your own files and apps only around 3.5 GB left shows that ultimately but it isn’t without savings, -the rest is occupied by the system. Because not all apps and app data on an SD card to swap out the memory can be quickly running out.

Honor: 4 X Display And Performance

Although the honor is 4 X consists of plastic, it is not cheap. The 5.5-inch display dominates 1,280 x 720 pixels-and thus is slightly too low resolution for the big screen, so that individual pixels are visible. The colour representation, however, is as well as the brightness of the display by 545,1 cd/m². Also on the performance we have to complain about hardly anything for the price range: hitch or trailer are not noticed in the test. The fleet working tempo of the high-end colleagues that can’t be accessed 4 X however.

Honor: 4 X Battery And Camera

In our Online run-time test at average brightness (200 cd/m2), the 4X-Akku made to pass out after 6:16.About half of the time, the power cell needed to be back-loaded. No outstanding test results and the honor giant costs some key points.

The camera take photos of sharp photos for a phone under 200 euros at least during daylight hours, at low-light quality subsides but noticeably. The color representation is annoying, because natural colors succeed the 13 megapixel camera under any lighting condition.

Honor 4 X: EMUI 3 Of Huawei Devices

Honor is an independent brand by Huawei, special adjustments still share the devices: the EMUI 3 surface of the Android system reminds optically and partly also functionally to iOS, about the missing app drawer and search reminiscent of “Spotlight”. Thanks to two operating modes (normal, simplified) as well as the easy-to-use settings is very einsteigerfreundlich the system.

Honor 4 X: Alternative

It is difficult to find a reasonable alternative with a 5.5 inch large display at this price. If you pay more, you will receive the powerful successor Honor 5 X, also a good price performance package.

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